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 2023 Draft Order
1. Bigfoots
2. Bruins
3. Blast
4. Mao
5. Dynasty
6. Gorilla Suits
7. Maulers
8. Thunder
9. Black Surt
10. Gamblers
11. Medical Center
12. Fowl Mouth Bass
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Ragnarok Announces the 2024 Realignment
1/28/2024 12:50:14 PM - Commish

After doing a manual audit of the 2022 and 2023 Ragnarok seasons, the realignment calculator has the following results:

Walter Reed Medical Center
Roving Gamblers
Black Surt


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 Ragnarok Forum
Daily Ramblings
Tough - 5/27/2024 7:55:02 PM
Just making ramblings... it's been a minute.

Yep, RDU is best
Oscar Goldman - 5/6/2024 7:57:11 PM
You'll be able to easily get rides to and from Raleigh. I think the Minnesota Boyz may have gotten their plane tickets yesterday?

Airport RDU?
phattyDat - 5/6/2024 5:51:41 PM
I'm assuming? looking at flights

Proposal 27.2: Extend Rookie Free Agent window?
Oscar Goldman - 5/4/2024 8:23:50 AM
It's time to figure out if we want to do this or if we want to leave the rookies alone. I've put up a ballot box to do an official league vote. I like the existing limited window because it is a parallel to the rookie rule in the draft. Specifically, we have a draft before the season begins and that is... more>>

Oscar Goldman - 5/2/2024 9:41:53 AM
I just got the official confirmation.

Radio Edit.
Tough - 5/1/2024 10:43:00 PM
I forgot the word I before the word vote in my last post. Im not so arrogant.

I vote Zach's palace.
Koofucious - 5/1/2024 9:51:41 PM
Everything else is tied for second.

Well shit
Tough - 5/1/2024 9:45:53 PM
I laid it out there, so vote for that one. Its OUR Vegas.

Blast have evaluated
Capt. Blast - 5/1/2024 6:22:21 PM
And after using science in said evaluation, concludes that the only house that will be perfect is Zachs log cabin.

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 History and Documents
 2023 Final Results
1st Walter Reed Medical Center
2nd Dimensional Gorilla Suits
3rd Burnsville Bruins
4th Black Surt
5th Asgard Thunder
6th Chairman Mao
7th Roving Gamblers
8th Frewsburg Fowl Mouth Bass
9th Interdimensional Bigfoots
10th Machu pichu Blast
11th Stu Dynasty
12th Valhalla Maulers
 Ragnarok Standings
Overall Division
Asgard Division 
Walter. Medical Center1040500 W21,031 773
Roving Gamblers770140 W1825 922
Stu Dynasty3110130 L3781 961
Bifrost Division 
Asgard Thunder851220 W3919 801
Frewsb. Fowl Mouth Bass590130 L3927 1,059
Interdimensio. Bigfoots590310 L2837 890
Midgard Division 
Burnsville Bruins1040400 W4999 934
Black Surt860220 W11,004 934
Valhalla Maulers491040 W1815 871
Hel Division 
Dimensio. Gorilla Suits950320 W11,002 881
Chairman Mao860320 L1897 848
Machu pichu Blast680130 L1870 1,033

clinched division
clinched playoff spot

 Ragnarok 2023 Schedule
Week 1
32   Valhalla Maulers vs  71   Burnsville Bruins
69   Roving Gamblers vs  54   Black Surt
75   Chairman Mao vs  35   Machu pichu Blast
35   Fowl Mouth Bass vs  70   Gorilla Suits
73   Stu Dynasty vs  91   Medical Center
53   Asgard Thunder vs  57   Bigfoots
Week 2
56   Black Surt vs  67   Burnsville Bruins
84   Chairman Mao vs  42   Valhalla Maulers
59   Machu pichu Blast vs  71   Gorilla Suits
76   Roving Gamblers vs  61   Stu Dynasty
78   Fowl Mouth Bass vs  66   Asgard Thunder
69   Medical Center vs  60   Bigfoots
Week 3
72   Valhalla Maulers vs  73   Black Surt
84   Burnsville Bruins vs  90   Machu pichu Blast
83   Asgard Thunder vs  72   Medical Center
51   Bigfoots vs  68   Roving Gamblers
70   Stu Dynasty vs  88   Fowl Mouth Bass
57   Gorilla Suits vs  113   Chairman Mao
Week 4
46   Machu pichu Blast vs  86   Valhalla Maulers
87   Black Surt vs  72   Gorilla Suits
83   Fowl Mouth Bass vs  57   Medical Center
80   Bigfoots vs  33   Stu Dynasty
32   Roving Gamblers vs  67   Asgard Thunder
58   Chairman Mao vs  90   Burnsville Bruins
Week 5
71   Black Surt vs  64   Valhalla Maulers
103   Gorilla Suits vs  77   Machu pichu Blast
70   Stu Dynasty vs  46   Roving Gamblers
103   Bigfoots vs  66   Fowl Mouth Bass
77   Burnsville Bruins vs  67   Asgard Thunder
65   Medical Center vs  27   Chairman Mao

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