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  • Jew Dynasty. Winning games through FA 1 MB at a time
  • Ford expected to draw 90% fab!
  • Black Surt, first team to go four Quarterbacks and no Running backs in Ragnrok!
  • Irsay remains huge cock going into week 3
 Ragnarok 2023
 Next Free Agency: Sunday, September 24, 2023 @ 10:00:00 AM Eastern
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When will Billy draft Josh Gordon?
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     Wk 2's TE Scorers
    pt name team
    16 Hockens. Mao
    8 Andrews Black Surt
    7 Kelce Dynasty
    4 Waller Bigfoots
    3 Engram Thunder
    3 LaPorta Bruins
    2 Kincaid Fowl Mouth Bass
    1 Goedert Blast
    1 Kittle Gorilla Suits
    0 Pitts Gamblers

     Clipboard holders
    pt name team
    9 Henry Maulers
    2 Okonkwo Maulers
    2 Everett Fowl Mouth Bass
    2 Kmet Medical Center
    1 Schultz Mao

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     Smashmouth Gazette
    read the latest Smashmouth Gazette
    A Retirement
    9/17/2023 11:05:32 AM - Scribbles Snavely
    read the Smashmouth Gazette
    I wish to extend my heartiest greetings to the Laddies and Gentlemen of Ragnarok as we inaugurate the 2023 editions of Scribbles's patented assortment of rambling rants, socially conscious screeds and various musings. Much has occurred in the last few years and to some extent Ragnarok serves as a...

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    Asgard: Elon Musk's 4 Tips for Success: Are They the Key to Getting Rich?
    Bifrost: Massive construction project on I-95 in Philadelphia will shut down Walnut Street pedestrian bridge until 2027: PennDOT
    Midgard: Blue-collar political anthem 'Rich Men North of Richmond' bumps Jason Aldean song out of top spot on chart
    Hel: Bat tests positive for rabies in Spokane County
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     Ragnarok Forum
    Happy Birthday, Stu!
    Oscar Goldman - 9/20/2023 2:39:48 PM
    Hope you are having a great day..

    Coach Cowher Tomlin - 9/17/2023 2:42:09 PM
    Could someone wake up the Scoremaster 3000? I am not seeing any updates so far.

    Joe, I spent the whole weekend telling you one thing...
    DoctorMayhem6969 - 9/11/2023 9:27:29 PM
    And you still insisted on taking the Bills defense over the Cowboys. I'll just assume that your decision was based on wanting to screw over Sean Week 1.

    Oscar Goldman - 9/8/2023 5:59:42 PM
    Official 2023 Draft Room!
    I vote yes as well.
    Koofucious - 9/6/2023 11:20:48 PM
    Zach should absolutely be able to change his franchise player.

    Yes and yes
    DoctorMayhem6969 - 9/6/2023 9:29:55 PM
    Yes to the rule and yes to letting Zach switch his franchise player. As long as it's not Mike White.

    In approval
    Nathaniel Hornblower - 9/6/2023 9:18:08 PM
    In approval for the rule for sure. Definitely needs to be a high bar though. Last thing we want is it being taken advantage of. Also in approval of Zach being able to change his player. JT is getting a raw deal from the Colts, and I can't understand why. If I were him, I'd have a 4 month long flu. In... more>>

    This situation is different
    Capt. Blast - 9/6/2023 8:28:58 PM
    Than an injury pre season. A very high bar indeed is needed, and I would say 9 of 11 must vote in favor. I vote for the bruins to be able change franchise players*. Zach is a good guy and a straight shooter. * as long as it’s not DeVonta Smith.

    Jim Irsay is a DICK
    Tough - 9/6/2023 6:51:55 PM
    For what it's worth, I truly believed, and with the speculation from multiple websites, that JT would get paid OR be traded before that Tuesday deadline. It was a gamble, but for an owner to want top $$ and 1st rd. picks for JT, but not willing to pay JT TOP $$ - at this point I don't think JT's gonna play... more>>

    Rules Proposal 26.7: Franchise Declaration After the Deadline
    Oscar Goldman - 9/6/2023 5:50:10 PM
    I think Stu brought up this idea, but it is now officially proposed that we have a path of appeals for changing our Franchise Declaration to accommodate very unusual events that take place after the Week 2 preseason games. While risks in this window are fairly low, they do exist and we need to keep this in... more>>

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     History and Documents
     Ragnarok Standings
    Overall Division
    W L T W L T   Str YTD PA LR
    Asgard Division 
    Walter. Medical Center200100 160 129
    Roving Gamblers200100 143 113
    Koo Dynasty020020 128 165
    Bifrost Division 
    Interdimensio. Bigfoots110100 117 122
    Frewsb. Fowl Mouth Bass110100 113 134
    Asgard Thunder020020 119 135
    Midgard Division 
    Burnsville Bruins200200 138 86
    Black Surt020010 110 136
    Valhalla Maulers020010 60 155
    Hel Division 
    Chairman Mao200100 159 65
    Dimensio. Gorilla Suits200100 139 94
    Machu pichu Blast020020 94 146

     New on the Trading Block
    YTD  Player Team Wanting
    31  QB Anthony Richardson Black Surt Best Offer
    16  WR Jayden Reed Black Surt RB
    13  WR Marvin Mims Black Surt RB
    17  DF/ST Kansas City Chiefs Mao QB/RB
    1  TE Dalton Schultz Mao QB/RB
    3  WR Allen Lazard Mao QB/RB
    2  RB Dalvin Cook Mao QB/RB
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  •  Ragnarok 2023 Schedule
    Week 1
    30   Valhalla Maulers vs  71   Burnsville Bruins
    69   Roving Gamblers vs  54   Black Surt
    75   Chairman Mao vs  35   Machu pichu Blast
    35   Fowl Mouth Bass vs  68   Gorilla Suits
    69   Koo Dynasty vs  91   Medical Center
    53   Asgard Thunder vs  57   Bigfoots
    Week 2
    56   Black Surt vs  67   Burnsville Bruins
    84   Chairman Mao vs  30   Valhalla Maulers
    59   Machu pichu Blast vs  71   Gorilla Suits
    74   Roving Gamblers vs  59   Koo Dynasty
    78   Fowl Mouth Bass vs  66   Asgard Thunder
    69   Medical Center vs  60   Bigfoots
    Week 3
      Valhalla Maulers vs    Black Surt
      Burnsville Bruins vs    Machu pichu Blast
      Gorilla Suits vs    Chairman Mao
      Asgard Thunder vs    Medical Center
      Bigfoots vs    Roving Gamblers
      Koo Dynasty vs    Fowl Mouth Bass
    Week 4
      Chairman Mao vs    Burnsville Bruins
      Machu pichu Blast vs    Valhalla Maulers
      Black Surt vs    Gorilla Suits
      Fowl Mouth Bass vs    Medical Center
      Bigfoots vs    Koo Dynasty
      Roving Gamblers vs    Asgard Thunder
    Week 5
      Black Surt vs    Valhalla Maulers
      Gorilla Suits vs    Machu pichu Blast
      Medical Center vs    Chairman Mao
      Koo Dynasty vs    Roving Gamblers
      Bigfoots vs    Fowl Mouth Bass
      Burnsville Bruins vs    Asgard Thunder

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