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  • Early whispers for Scribbles nom for the 2021 Pulitzer on his work 'To My Friends and Brothers'
 Ragnarok 2021
 Next Free Agency: Wednesday, October 20, 2021 @ 8:00:00 PM Eastern
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 Wk 6's RB Scorers
pt name team
24 Taylor Bruins
19 Cook Black Surt
19 Fournet. Blast
18 Henders. Maulers
17 Williams Bruins
15 Mixon Skullsplitters
13 Collins Mao
13 Harris Thunder
12 Jones Mao
12 Robinson Black Surt

 Clipboard holders
pt name team
13 Herbert Gamblers
13 Harris Fowl Mouth Bass
9 Swift Black Surt
6 Bell Bruins

 Online Owners
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Tommy Simpson
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 Smashmouth Gazette
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To My Friends and Brothers
10/17/2021 9:39:09 AM - Scribbles Snavely
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It has come to my attention that there is a great deal of discord within the League. I had certainly noticed the lack of participation on the boards and such. Even after speaking at length with several individuals, I do not feel as though I have a...

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 Ragnarok Forum
Stupid Cowgirls!
Coach Cowher Tomlin - 10/17/2021 8:47:31 PM
GG ya jerk! lol

Go Bruins!
Tough - 10/17/2021 5:18:03 PM
Guess if the latest post will last 10+ days, Id rather see Go Bruins if stead of Alt League. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Alt league?
Head of Scouting - 10/4/2021 7:00:53 PM
Zach brought up the idea of having a "Machete bracket" in parallel to our real league. Basic rules being teams compete against all remaining teams each with the lowest scoring team being eliminated. All of there players are then dumped back into the free agent pool with all surviving owners able to bid on... more>>

Thanks fellas!
Tough - 9/30/2021 12:36:54 PM
Birthday was fantastic!

Gosh thanks, mister!
Coach Cowher Tomlin - 9/30/2021 7:42:18 AM
You say you have a puppy in the trunk? Lemme see!

I saw the most amazing analysis the other day
Oscar Goldman - 9/29/2021 10:09:52 PM
Boomer Esiason shared some awesomeness

Oscar Goldman - 9/29/2021 7:27:00 PM
"[You're] rich, bitch!"

Might I have more?
Coach Cowher Tomlin - 9/29/2021 6:02:19 AM
Shouldn't Joe and I get 5MB each for the tie? Just being helpful! (Says the guy that has already squandered his MBs.)

Happy Birthday Zach
DoctorMayhem6969 - 9/28/2021 8:58:42 AM
Celebrate responsibly - by beating Keith this week.

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Don't forget! 9:30am London game on Sunday (Eastern 'Merica time)!
Dolphins and Jaguars. How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?

For those leagues with a 10am Sunday morning free agency session, there will be a free agency signing at 9AM EASTERN TIME instead.
 Ragnarok Standings
Overall Division
Asgard Division 
Roving Gamblers410210 413 351
Jotunheim Skullsplitters410200 409 323
Black Surt140030 334 386
Bifrost Division 
Koo Dynasty500300 395 315
Burnsville Bruins230110 322 386
Machu pichu Blast050030 279 444
Midgard Division 
Frewsb. Fowl Mouth Bass311200 367 295
Walter. Medical Center230010 444 436
Carrboro POSI SCHEME230120 351 338
Hel Division 
Valhalla Maulers311200 392 391
Asgard Thunder230110 367 353
Chairman Mao140020 364 419

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 Free Survive or Die, First Week
picking team next pick to win
Medical Center Walter Reed Medical Center
Black Surt Valhalla Maulers
Bruins Black Surt
Skullsplitters Koo Dynasty
Maulers Frewsburg Fowl Mouth Bass
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 Ragnarok 2021 Schedule
Week 3
108   Roving Gamblers vs  77   Black Surt
98   Skullsplitters vs  46   Machu pichu Blast
64   Koo Dynasty vs  56   Burnsville Bruins
76   Chairman Mao vs  70   Medical Center
52   POSI SCHEME vs  55   Asgard Thunder
71   Valhalla Maulers vs  71   Fowl Mouth Bass
Week 4
71   Burnsville Bruins vs  69   Skullsplitters
39   Machu pichu Blast vs  77   Roving Gamblers
57   Black Surt vs  62   Koo Dynasty
84   Asgard Thunder vs  97   Medical Center
77   Fowl Mouth Bass vs  65   Chairman Mao
65   Valhalla Maulers vs  89   POSI SCHEME
Week 5
94   Black Surt vs  97   Roving Gamblers
94   Koo Dynasty vs  73   Machu pichu Blast
136   Medical Center vs  67   Burnsville Bruins
42   POSI SCHEME vs  85   Fowl Mouth Bass
91   Skullsplitters vs  87   Chairman Mao
69   Valhalla Maulers vs  69   Asgard Thunder
Week 6
46   Machu pichu Blast vs  99   Black Surt
82   Valhalla Maulers vs  114   Burnsville Bruins
42   Roving Gamblers vs  44   Medical Center
35   Fowl Mouth Bass vs  82   Asgard Thunder
58   POSI SCHEME vs  54   Chairman Mao
* Game of the Week *
44   Koo Dynasty vs  62   Skullsplitters

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Week 7
  POSI SCHEME vs    Black Surt
  Asgard Thunder vs    Machu pichu Blast
  Skullsplitters vs    Medical Center
  Burnsville Bruins vs    Fowl Mouth Bass
  Koo Dynasty vs    Valhalla Maulers
  Roving Gamblers vs    Chairman Mao
Week 8
  Asgard Thunder vs    Skullsplitters
  Koo Dynasty vs    Roving Gamblers
  Black Surt vs    Burnsville Bruins
  Medical Center vs    Fowl Mouth Bass
  Machu pichu Blast vs    POSI SCHEME
  Valhalla Maulers vs    Chairman Mao
Week 9
  Medical Center vs    Machu pichu Blast
  POSI SCHEME vs    Burnsville Bruins
  Chairman Mao vs    Koo Dynasty
  Skullsplitters vs    Fowl Mouth Bass
  Black Surt vs    Valhalla Maulers
  Roving Gamblers vs    Asgard Thunder

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