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Should we remove the +2 Home Field advantage?
  • Yes! It is totally unfair and hurts my feels.
  • Manchin will never vote for that.
  • Keep it! Whiny bitches gonna SUFFER in MY House!
  • What would Sasquatch do?
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     2021 Season TE's
    pt name team
    134 Andrews Blast
    119 Kelce Skullsplitters
    89 Kittle Gamblers
    81 Knox Fowl Mouth Bass
    80 Schultz Medical Center
    77 Henry Medical Center
    75 Gronkow. Thunder
    72 Goedert POSI SCHEME
    64 Pitts Mao
    63 Ertz Blast
    62 Freierm. Maulers
    57 Hockens. Bruins
    55 Fant Fowl Mouth Bass
    53 Gesicki Black Surt
    52 Uzomah POSI SCHEME
    50 Waller Dynasty
    44 Conklin Thunder
    44 Cook Skullsplitters
    42 Higbee Gamblers
    31 Doyle Black Surt
    31 Moreau Dynasty
    26 Kmet Bruins
    25 Parham Mao
    25 Thomas Mao

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    The Real Deal!
    12/5/2021 9:23:41 AM - Scribbles Snavely

    Fuck Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Here at Scribbles' Glass Asylum HQ we are having our annual End-Of-Season Blowout Clearance Super-Duper Price Slashing Extravaganza! We are OVERSTOCKED on many items! You want withering witticisms? I got'em for...

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    Other News
    Asgard: 'The success was evident': The Athletic's Nate Taylor on Eric Bieniemy's head-coaching candidacy
    Bifrost: Mikal Bridges is making a push for DPOY, All-Defensive honors
    Midgard: 7 Blue-Collar Stocks to Buy as Workers Rethink White-Collar Ideals
    Hel: Keep your pet safe: rabies vaccines dropping into Gulf Shores next week
    Religion: Jessica Pegula Cheers on Buffalo Bills From the Australian Open
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     Ragnarok Forum
    Coach Cowher Tomlin - 1/4/2022 5:51:59 PM
    So how do the Divisions shake out now? I assume there will be movement up and down the Bridge.

    Coach Cowher Tomlin - 1/3/2022 9:01:25 AM
    Congrats on a thrilling victory. All Hail the Champ! Cudos also to Stu the new King O' the Losers. Maybe next year, Blast!

    And Thanks!
    Tough - 1/2/2022 7:35:27 PM
    Love you fuckers. Proud to hold the invsible trophy!

    T O U G H
    Tough - 1/2/2022 7:31:43 PM
    Go to be y'all. Season is over. BOOM! Football!

    as of 5:00 pm
    Tough - 1/2/2022 5:02:35 PM
    Burnsville has 82 pts. jus sayin... more>>

    Happy New Year!
    Coach Cowher Tomlin - 1/2/2022 12:56:06 PM
    My theme is "Hope Anew in '22". I am not asking for miracles, just a noticeable improvement over the last two years. I wish everyone the very best for this year. I love you all so stay safe and love the ones you have while you have them.

    I donít know what everyone is talking about..
    Capt. Blast - 12/30/2021 7:27:14 PM
    Things are as they should be. Koo or Keith as the champ and Me as the losers champ. Everything is back to normal.

    Congrats to Zach! Go Bruins!
    Coach Cowher Tomlin - 12/30/2021 5:58:46 PM
    And of course fuck you Sean. No more titles for the Evil Twins. Also have to pull for Dr. Mayhem and his Maniacal Theremin. Stu rules!

    Tough - 12/30/2021 2:14:36 PM
    If it wasnít already unprecedented. For fuckís sake. Would rather hold Koo to his five titles in a tie with Keith. Keep holding them back!

    Unprecedented Times
    DoctorMayhem6969 - 12/30/2021 1:45:53 PM
    We're on the verge of having the reigning champion win the loser's bracket the same season as the reigning loser's bracket winner becomes champion. Is that a good thing or a bad thing - who the fuck knows? I'm pretty sure that Joe doesn't give a shit.

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     History and Documents
     Website Announcements
    Burnsville Bruins, Darth Manster, Show Me Your TD's, and the Robot Sea Monsters have all won their leagues.
     2021 Final Results
    1st Burnsville Bruins
    2nd Koo Dynasty
    3rd Roving Gamblers
    4th Jotunheim Skullsplitters
    5th Frewsburg Fowl Mouth Bass
    6th Asgard Thunder
    7th Walter Reed Medical Center
    8th Machu pichu Blast
    9th Chairman Mao
    10th Black Surt
    11th Valhalla Maulers
    12th Carrboro POSI SCHEME
     Ragnarok Standings
    Overall Division
    W L T W L T   Str YTD PA LR
    Asgard Division 
    Roving Gamblers1040310 1,090 854
    Jotunheim Skullsplitters860310 1,023 873
    Black Surt4100040 829 925
    Bifrost Division 
    Koo Dynasty1220400 1,027 872
    Burnsville Bruins950220 1,001 926
    Machu pichu Blast680040 870 1,026
    Midgard Division 
    Frewsb. Fowl Mouth Bass761310 969 914
    Walter. Medical Center770130 1,032 1,034
    Carrboro POSI SCHEME680220 870 917
    Hel Division 
    Asgard Thunder860310 942 924
    Valhalla Maulers491220 913 1,069
    Chairman Mao2120130 828 1,060

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     Free Survive or Die
    picking team next pick to win
    Medical Center not made
    Black Surt not made
    Bruins not made
    Skullsplitters not made
    Maulers not made

     Ragnarok 2021 Schedule
    Playoffs, round 1
    66   #9 Machu pichu Blast at  52   #8 POSI SCHEME
    61   #10 Valhalla Maulers at  66   #7 Medical Center
    82   #6 Skullsplitters at  46   #3 Asgard Thunder
    68   #5 Burnsville Bruins at  53   #4 Fowl Mouth Bass
    Playoffs, round 2
    105   #7 Medical Center at  64   #11 Black Surt
    63   #9 Machu pichu Blast at  43   #12 Chairman Mao
    52   #10 Valhalla Maulers at  30   #8 POSI SCHEME
    75   #6 Skullsplitters at  90   #1 Koo Dynasty
    68   #4 Fowl Mouth Bass at  39   #3 Asgard Thunder
    81   #5 Burnsville Bruins at  73   #2 Roving Gamblers
    Playoffs, round 3
    45   #9 Machu pichu Blast vs  61   #7 Medical Center
    62   #12 Chairman Mao at  44   #11 Black Surt
    42   #6 Skullsplitters at  127   #2 Roving Gamblers
    85   #5 Burnsville Bruins vs  80   #1 Koo Dynasty

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    Playoff Brackets

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