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 Aurora 2023
 Next Free Agency: Friday, September 22, 2023 @ 8:00:00 PM Eastern
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 Wk 2's WR Scorers
pt name team
23 Evans Show Me Your TD's
23 Allen Show Me Your TD's
20 Higgins Ice King
19 Smith Early Men
18 Pickens Early Men
17 Lockett Anus
15 Samuel Dream Catchers
14 Nacua Dumbells
14 Jeffers. Duran
14 Lamb Duran

 Clipboard holders
pt name team
20 Collins Squirrel Master
18 Mims Ice King
13 Thielen Cats
12 London Dumbells
11 Kirk Dumbells

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 The Spark
Aurora Auction Starts TONIGHT!
8/15/2023 7:57:03 AM - Metalhead
read the The Spark
We can start bidding at midnight Eastern time tonight!

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 Aurora Forum
Feeling like…
Mountaineer - 9/12/2023 5:52:19 PM
A Superstar!

We're back!
Ice King - 9/8/2023 12:01:28 AM
Welcome back to the best time of the year. Good luck to everyone this season. How are feeling about that opener??

should be good to go
Metalhead - 9/6/2023 3:57:48 PM
I had to kick the jukebox yesterday

Ice King - 9/5/2023 2:16:06 PM
Gonna need to switch Travis Kelce out most likely. When will we be able to set lineups?

Our first Free Agency is Wednesday night
Metalhead - 9/2/2023 12:10:27 PM
We all have 100PH in our banks, and the winning bid automatically ends up paying +1PH over the second highest bid (or just 1PH if no one else bids on that player).

Old Doc Walt - 9/2/2023 11:56:18 AM
So once the rosters are set on Tuesday, can we use FA to switch out players? In other words, when does that start, and what is the format for doing so?

Thanks for the fun and high quality auction, boys
Metalhead - 9/2/2023 11:26:56 AM
Starting lineups will be able to be set as of Tuesday morning. Football!

Aurora auction starts TONIGHT!
Metalhead - 8/15/2023 4:49:34 AM
If the Dumbells settle up on their league dues, we will start the auction TONIGHT! Woot!

We're less than 3 days from the start of the auction
Metalhead - 8/13/2023 1:50:52 PM
We can't start it, though, until everyone is locked in and paid. The Cook brothers reached out and will be paying on Friday and are solid as a rock, but that still leaves three other owners that need to go to LeagueSafe and pay the dues. I hate to be a stickler, but the last thing we want to have happen... more>>

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 History and Documents
 Aurora Standings
Overall Division
Borealis Division 
Rio Duran110100 3 185 198
Boone Dox110110 2 160 154
Dream Catchers020010 1 159 189
Australis Division 
The Dumbells200100 4 204 146
Seeping Anus110110 2 144 194
Chapel. Uranium Gerbils020010 1 166 205
Solaris Division 
Mormon. Squirrel Master200100 3 184 136
Tiny Pink Bunny110110 1 114 129
Cheshire Cats020010 0 130 156
Marvilis Division 
Show Me Your TD's200100 4 219 169
Puma Punku Early Men110110 3 181 174
Ice King110010 1 150 146
 Aurora 2023 Schedule
Week 1
65   Cheshire Cats vs  66   Tiny Pink Bunny
88   Rio Duran vs  120   Squirrel Master
60   Ice King vs  81   Early Men
69   Uranium Gerbils vs  105   Show Me Your TD's
82   Boone Dox vs  57   Dream Catchers
44   Seeping Anus vs  97   The Dumbells
Week 2
90   Ice King vs  65   Cheshire Cats
100   Early Men vs  114   Show Me Your TD's
97   Rio Duran vs  78   Boone Dox
102   Dream Catchers vs  107   The Dumbells
97   Uranium Gerbils vs  100   Seeping Anus
64   Squirrel Master vs  48   Tiny Pink Bunny
Week 3
  Cheshire Cats vs    Squirrel Master
  Tiny Pink Bunny vs    Early Men
  Show Me Your TD's vs    Ice King
  Seeping Anus vs    Dream Catchers
  The Dumbells vs    Rio Duran
  Boone Dox vs    Uranium Gerbils
Week 4
  Ice King vs    Tiny Pink Bunny
  Early Men vs    Cheshire Cats
  Squirrel Master vs    Show Me Your TD's
  Uranium Gerbils vs    Dream Catchers
  The Dumbells vs    Boone Dox
  Rio Duran vs    Seeping Anus
Week 5
  Squirrel Master vs    Cheshire Cats
  Show Me Your TD's vs    Early Men
  Dream Catchers vs    Ice King
  Boone Dox vs    Rio Duran
  The Dumbells vs    Uranium Gerbils
  Tiny Pink Bunny vs    Seeping Anus

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