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9/1/2023 12:09:17 AM - Larry

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 Midgard Forum
Mac Jones
shawnk - 11/8/2023 10:06:31 PM
Thank you for the fix. And yes, a very expensive kicker. I thought I would get him with no problem. Guess I'll have to bid more next time, LOL

Kicker for 41CP!
Hermit Master - 11/8/2023 12:01:06 PM
Yow. That's a rich kicker. You were outbid, Vixens. Mac Jones is now on the Manster's roster at the cost of 1CP.

Vixens - 11/5/2023 7:04:06 PM
I bid on a kicker and it never showed up in the FA results.

confused 2
shawnk - 11/5/2023 7:01:10 PM
I bid on free agent QB Mac Jones. he still in FA and not on anyone's team. Shows I was outbid by no one, on the FA recap screen. just wondering if i can get him on my team

Vixens - 11/5/2023 9:08:24 AM
I am not seeing the FA results for today and I am also not seeing the trade between the Vixens and Wolverines on the front page, despite the results showing on my home page.

Whooda Thunkit
JHG - 11/1/2023 6:10:47 PM
Anyone who thought I was done when I was 0-4 can do a double take because all of a sudden my Columbo Fan Club themed team is 4-4, fourth in the Power Ranknings, first in Heimdall, and tied for sixth in Victory Points. Now that I've said this, I fully expect to finish on a six-game losing streak, but hey.... more>>

I'll be in a VR mini golf tournament tonight
Hermit Master - 10/11/2023 6:09:26 PM
It's a 32-team tournament against the best players in the world. Our match starts at 8pm Eastern time on Twitch. I'm the player "Dadsquatcher" and my teammate is "Alabamer... more>>

Good luck everyone!
Mike - 9/10/2023 12:57:11 PM
Except for the Vixens….

Free Agency is TONIGHT!
Hermit Master - 9/6/2023 5:32:32 PM
Get your copper pieces ready!

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 History and Documents
 2022 Final Results
1st Darth Manster
2nd Cujo's Avengers
3rd Defiance Wolverines
4th Land of Ice-N-Snow Raw Dogs
5th Sufferin Chin Straps
8th J & J Good Stuff
9th Bristol Vixens
10th Just One More Thing
11th Not Sure Camacho's
12th Barneveld Raving Hermits
 Midgard Standings
Overall Division
Odin Division 
Darth Manster1040600 21 1,820 1,611
Cujo's Avengers950420 18 1,688 1,593
Sufferin Chin Straps680240 18 1,701 1,668
Bristol Vixens590060 9 1,522 1,653
Heimdall Division 
Defiance Wolverines1031411 17 1,600 1,388
Not Sure Camacho's770420 11 1,349 1,269
Barneveld Raving Hermits581321 12 1,482 1,570
Just One More Thing1130060 3 1,316 1,725
Balder Division 
MN HITMEN860330 14 1,512 1,527
Land of Ice-N. Raw Dogs860510 15 1,510 1,436
J & J Good Stuff770240 14 1,524 1,539
YA NEVA KNOW770240 15 1,513 1,558

clinched division
clinched playoff spot
 Midgard 2022 Schedule
Week 9
91   Just One More Thing vs  127   Raving Hermits
100   Defiance Wolverines vs  48   Not Sure Camacho's
115   MN HITMEN vs  106   YA NEVA KNOW
149   Raw Dogs vs  85   J & J Good Stuff
134   Chin Straps vs  83   Bristol Vixens
101   Cujo's Avengers vs  128   Darth Manster
Week 10
102   Bristol Vixens vs  128   Raving Hermits
116   J & J Good Stuff vs  111   Just One More Thing
86   Darth Manster vs  110   Not Sure Camacho's
83   Defiance Wolverines vs  99   YA NEVA KNOW
136   MN HITMEN vs  102   Chin Straps
100   Raw Dogs vs  124   Cujo's Avengers
Week 11
87   Bristol Vixens vs  91   Chin Straps
115   Cujo's Avengers vs  126   Defiance Wolverines
142   Not Sure Camacho's vs  58   Just One More Thing
94   J & J Good Stuff vs  110   MN HITMEN
112   YA NEVA KNOW vs  55   Raw Dogs
139   Raving Hermits vs  138   Darth Manster
Week 12
85   Just One More Thing vs  107   Darth Manster
110   Bristol Vixens vs  122   Cujo's Avengers
99   Not Sure Camacho's vs  75   YA NEVA KNOW
144   Chin Straps vs  135   J & J Good Stuff
103   Defiance Wolverines vs  69   Raw Dogs
132   MN HITMEN vs  112   Raving Hermits
Week 13
130   J & J Good Stuff vs  80   Bristol Vixens
93   Raw Dogs vs  130   Chin Straps
117   Not Sure Camacho's vs  94   Defiance Wolverines
117   Raving Hermits vs  90   Just One More Thing
89   YA NEVA KNOW vs  133   MN HITMEN
145   Darth Manster vs  104   Cujo's Avengers
Week 14
96   Raving Hermits vs  96   Defiance Wolverines
81   Just One More Thing vs  98   Not Sure Camacho's
127   Raw Dogs vs  101   YA NEVA KNOW
81   MN HITMEN vs  140   J & J Good Stuff
87   Bristol Vixens vs  132   Darth Manster
* Game of the Week *
166   Cujo's Avengers vs  115   Chin Straps

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