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 Midgard 2022
 Auction: Monday, August 15, 12:00 AM   Countdown: 1 day
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 2021 Season TE's
pt name team
276 Andrews Two Knives
241 Kelce Vixens
186 Kittle Manster
167 Pitts Cujo's Avengers
153 Gesicki Good Stuff
150 Fant Wolverines
146 Gronkow. Raving Hermits
140 Hockens. Camacho's
137 Ertz Raving Hermits
128 Schultz Wolverines
125 Waller NEVA KNOW
117 Goedert Good Stuff
110 Henry Raw Dogs
108 Cook MN HITMEN
106 Kmet Two Knives
89 Conklin Manster
86 Higbee MN HITMEN
85 Uzomah Camacho's
72 Knox Raw Dogs
64 Freierm. Wolverines

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Get Ready to Auction!
8/12/2022 6:00:41 AM - Larry
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Our auction starts SUNDAY NIGHT at midnight! The auction room itself will open up a day or so ahead of the auction's start time.

Let's get ready to rumble!

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 Midgard Forum
It's a miracle!
Hermit Master - 8/10/2022 7:58:03 PM
The Raw Dogs actually paid their dues on time! WE'RE 100% PAID AS A LEAGUE and let's get ready to auction!

LeagueSafe is set up
Hermit Master - 7/27/2022 8:37:51 AM
Click here to pay your Midgard dues. The deadline to pay is about a week before our auction starts. In order to ensure a smooth auction launch with full and active participation, league dues must be paid by 8/8. Thanks!

super duper
Hermit Master - 7/16/2022 6:41:07 AM
Glad that the Chin Straps are back! I did reply to your email on June 23rd, just in case you want to see if I'm going into your spam folder.... Within the next few days, I'll be setting up LeagueSafe so that we can all get locked in. It's hard to believe that we're just 4 weeks away from auctioning!

Chin straps
Chin Straps - 7/15/2022 6:17:52 PM
I replied email, but guess it makes sense to do it here. Looking forward to it.

Testing out new league
Adric - 7/14/2022 4:40:18 PM
Hello everyone Last year I heard about a Guillotine league which is 18 Teams 17 Weeks It is Weekly point totals and NOT Head to Head Lowest scoring team each week is Eliminated Players on eliminated teams go back into the Free Agent pool Each team gets $1000 to buy Free Agents Last team left... more>>

Darth Manster is back
shawnk - 7/5/2022 1:08:35 AM
I am in

Camacho is in!
Frito - 6/22/2022 11:10:23 PM
Brought to you by Carls Jr.

MN HITMEN - 6/22/2022 10:38:55 PM

Wolverines are in
Solson - 6/22/2022 5:58:47 PM
I am in

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 History and Documents
 Midgard Standings
Overall Division
Odin Division 
Darth Manster
Cujo's Avengers
Sufferin Chin Straps
Bristol Vixens
Heimdall Division 
Not Sure Camacho's
Just One More Thing
Barneveld Raving Hermits
Defiance Wolverines
Balder Division 
Land of Ice-N-Snow Raw Dogs
J & J  Good Stuff
 Midgard 2022 Schedule
Week 1
  J & J Good Stuff vs    Cujo's Avengers
  Darth Manster vs    Defiance Wolverines
  Raw Dogs vs    Just One More Thing
  Chin Straps vs    Not Sure Camacho's
  Bristol Vixens vs    MN HITMEN
  Raving Hermits vs    YA NEVA KNOW
Week 2
  YA NEVA KNOW vs    Bristol Vixens
  MN HITMEN vs    Darth Manster
  Defiance Wolverines vs    Chin Straps
  Just One More Thing vs    Cujo's Avengers
  Raving Hermits vs    J & J Good Stuff
  Not Sure Camacho's vs    Raw Dogs
Week 3
  Not Sure Camacho's vs    Bristol Vixens
  Darth Manster vs    Chin Straps
  Cujo's Avengers vs    Raving Hermits
  Defiance Wolverines vs    Just One More Thing
  J & J Good Stuff vs    YA NEVA KNOW
  MN HITMEN vs    Raw Dogs
Week 4
  Bristol Vixens vs    Defiance Wolverines
  Raw Dogs vs    Raving Hermits
  Cujo's Avengers vs    Not Sure Camacho's
  Just One More Thing vs    MN HITMEN
  Chin Straps vs    YA NEVA KNOW
  Darth Manster vs    J & J Good Stuff
Week 5
  Cujo's Avengers vs    Bristol Vixens
  Chin Straps vs    Darth Manster
  Just One More Thing vs    Defiance Wolverines
  Raving Hermits vs    Not Sure Camacho's
  Raw Dogs vs    MN HITMEN
  YA NEVA KNOW vs    J & J Good Stuff

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