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 Aurora Forum
Heads Up
Old Professor - 10/17/2021 3:34:50 PM
May just be delayed, but Panthers DEF/ST scored a touchdown on a blocked punt.

Oh Well!
Old Professor - 10/12/2021 9:08:18 AM
I don't think that is a reviewable call... *LOL* Just kidding. Yes, I shouldn't have won.

Hollywood Brown
Ice King - 10/12/2021 8:45:58 AM
Same. Hollywood Brown popped off and I never received any points for his break out performance. I should have a W not an L :)

Second half of Indy-Ravens game never registered
Dumbells - 10/12/2021 8:37:21 AM
Hi Keith For whatever reason, last nights second half was not processed. Lamar Jackson had waaaaay more than 7 points , assuming that will give Whizzanators victory over Asheville. You had Taylor whose second td isn't computed. I have Michael Pittman. He's showing up with 0 points and 1 catch for 5... more>>

Parity thy name is Aurora
Dumbells - 10/11/2021 9:59:47 AM
Wow, Currently 6 teams are within 18 points of each other in YTD scoring.

failed free agent bids
ADG - 10/1/2021 2:11:00 PM
I emailed you, commish, but haven't received a reply. Why were my free agent bids listed as failures....I did a 1 to 1 swap. The players weren't awarded to anyone. Help please.

FYI: Panthers D has 2 Ints, but not showing up
Old Professor - 9/19/2021 4:08:17 PM
Am I missing something?

Panthers Defense: 1 Int
Old Professor - 9/12/2021 2:45:35 PM
Just FYI: I'm not seeing Panthers Def showing an interception. All the best, Scott

DREAM CATCHERS - 9/8/2021 11:21:38 PM
I would love information if you have time to get it out to me Thank you!

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Don't forget! 9:30am London game on Sunday (Eastern 'Merica time)!
Dolphins and Jaguars. How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?

For those leagues with a 10am Sunday morning free agency session, there will be a free agency signing at 9AM EASTERN TIME instead.
 2012 Final Results
1st Squirrel Master
2nd Little Green Faerie
3rd Punting Wins Championships
4th San Francisco Playmakers
5th Hot Freaks
6th Beetlejuice
7th The Middle Kingdom
8th Cursed Diamond
9th Tiny Pink Bunny
10th Dixie Doo Dads
11th Puma Punku Early Men
12th Werzthebeef
 Aurora Standings
Overall Division
Borealis Division 
Squirrel Master940410 19 W11,285 1,120
Beetlejuice940320 17 W21,185 1,008
Hot Freaks760210 15 W31,139 1,154
Tiny Pink Bunny481050 9 L31,012 1,099
Australis Division 
The Middle Kingdom850320 14 W21,116 1,045
Punting. Championships670230 15 L21,238 1,197
Cursed Diamond580320 11 L11,076 1,144
Puma Punku Early Men490120 8 L21,088 1,155
Solaris Division 
San Francisco Playmakers931220 15 W31,158 1,079
Little Green Faerie940310 17 L21,167 1,100
Dixie Doo Dads490220 10 W21,063 1,065
Werzthebeef3100130 6 L3839 1,200

clinched division
clinched playoff spot
 Aurora 2012 Schedule
Week 3
65   Tiny Pink Bunny vs  85   Hot Freaks
64   Playmakers vs  94   Little Green Faerie
85   The Middle Kingdom vs  69   Dixie Doo Dads
88   Cursed Diamond vs  51   Werzthebeef
81   Early Men vs  113   Championships
88   Beetlejuice vs  80   Squirrel Master
Week 4
104   Little Green Faerie vs  65   Tiny Pink Bunny
96   Hot Freaks vs  85   Beetlejuice
87   Squirrel Master vs  119   Playmakers
111   Cursed Diamond vs  82   Early Men
61   Werzthebeef vs  91   The Middle Kingdom
118   Championships vs  94   Dixie Doo Dads
Week 5
87   Squirrel Master vs  67   Beetlejuice
119   Playmakers vs  103   Hot Freaks
68   Dixie Doo Dads vs  84   Little Green Faerie
86   Early Men vs  38   Werzthebeef
72   Tiny Pink Bunny vs  79   The Middle Kingdom
113   Cursed Diamond vs  96   Championships
Week 6
75   Playmakers vs  75   Tiny Pink Bunny
70   Hot Freaks vs  117   Squirrel Master
72   Beetlejuice vs  71   Dixie Doo Dads
88   Werzthebeef vs  85   Championships
99   Early Men vs  62   The Middle Kingdom
* Game of the Week *
84   Cursed Diamond vs  85   Little Green Faerie

[ View Gamecenter ]

Week 7
118   Championships vs  64   Hot Freaks
82   Tiny Pink Bunny vs  67   Dixie Doo Dads
92   Little Green Faerie vs  55   Werzthebeef
98   Playmakers vs  93   Cursed Diamond
98   Beetlejuice vs  65   The Middle Kingdom
78   Early Men vs  88   Squirrel Master
Week 8
111   Squirrel Master vs  93   Little Green Faerie
115   Dixie Doo Dads vs  24   Werzthebeef
84   Hot Freaks vs  73   Early Men
58   Cursed Diamond vs  80   The Middle Kingdom
72   Championships vs  80   Tiny Pink Bunny
93   Playmakers vs  95   Beetlejuice
Week 9
77   Dixie Doo Dads vs  98   Hot Freaks
87   Early Men vs  119   Little Green Faerie
59   The Middle Kingdom vs  84   Playmakers
88   Tiny Pink Bunny vs  46   Werzthebeef
151   Squirrel Master vs  82   Cursed Diamond
88   Beetlejuice vs  96   Championships

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