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    alas, the Turds / Chamber trade has to be nullified

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    Hermit Master


    3319 posts
    Posted - 12/2/2014 7:17:12 AM
    alas, the Turds / Chamber trade has to be nullified
    as much as i would love for the Chamber to have Megatron this week, instead of my upcoming opponent the Turds, unfortunately that trade on Sunday was an illegal trade.

    the reason for it is that one cannot simultaneously start and trade a player, and that is what essentially the Turds would be doing. Megatron was started on Thursday, and the trading deadline is Week 13 and before Week 14 begins, which means that if he started Megatron in Week 13 then he cannot be traded until after his Week 13 game. And "after his Week 13 game" means Week 14, which is when the trading window is closed.

    it was a ballsy trade, but alas the timing of it is too late because Megatron already started in Week 13 for the Turds.
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