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    2008 W-L idea

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    Author Topic
    Raving Hermits

    Football Freak

    3103 posts
    Posted - 12/16/2007 10:29:06 AM
    2008 W-L idea
    yeah, Slash, that whole W-L structure can be a bit crazy when there are little mathematical "perfect storms" that occasionally take place. seems like W-L is definitely better than simple YTD points because it creates dramatic head to head contests and gives personality to the entire experience. with the law of averages it pretty much works itself out most of the time. but then there are situations like you had, where you are putting up solid points every week but are getting nailed by the high scorer each week. i've had a few seasons in some leagues where i led in both point total points scored and total points scored against. uf da!

    so i've been kicking this idea around for Midgard 2008, and everyone is welcome to chime in with their two cents...

    how about we do the regular W-L structure, and each week we add another W to each team that is one of the top six scorers for that particular week? it's sort of an added mega-game. in addition to a heads up match, we all face off against all the other teams each week.

    over the course of the 13-week regular season, teams would compile a W-L record that could be 17-5, for example. this rewards both the heads up victors as well as those teams that put up the score but happen to be matched against the one team that went off.

    it really seems like this could be a great mechanism for mediating that points-against chaos. and it sounds fun to be watching *everyone's* scores each week, trying to win that mega-game.

    Posted by Slash - 10/16/2007 2:13:19 PM
    This schedule is killing me.

    411 points against!

    Brady had a 6 TD performance against me and Adrian Peterson broke out for 200+ with Braylon Edwards receiving 3 TDs in the same game.

    I need the luck of the Irish to pull through this...
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    Jockstrap Wrangler

    10 posts
    Posted - 12/17/2007 8:18:38 AM
    I'd certainly have no objection to that idea.
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    Raving Hermits

    Football Freak

    3103 posts
    Posted - 12/17/2007 12:12:27 PM
    how would it have worked in 2007?
    i went ahead and worked out the results using the meta-game idea, using the 2007 season. here would have been the resulting records and playoff seeds:

    19-4-0 Defenestrators (#1)
    18-5-1 Ass Kickers (#5)
    17-4-0 Yoda of Borg (#6)

    13-8-0 Piranhas (#3)
    12-7-0 Slash
    7-10-0 Piledrivers

    18-3-1 Owls (#2)
    16-6-1 Hermits
    12-6-1 Toys

    11-6-0 Loons (#4)
    7-8-0 Pollution
    4-10-0 CCC

    this looks to be quite promising... the only differences would have been that the Piranhas would have won their division instead of the Slash and there would be a few differences in the seeding.

    btw, i got this idea from looking at some high stakes professional fantasy leagues, where this is in practice. i think it's an exciting idea....

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    Towel Boy

    34 posts
    Posted - 12/22/2007 9:18:55 AM
    The other advantage
    Note that in the new structure that Loons, not even the 8th best team in the league, still makes playoffs due to dividisonal structure, and then still qualifies for the league final...sweet!
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