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 Aurora Survivor Pools
Know what a regular NFL survivor pool is?
Well, this is the same thing except that instead of picking real NFL teams, you pick Aurora teams.

For those who are unfamiliar with survivor pools, here is the concept: Each week, you select one team that you think will win their matchup. If that team wins, you advance; if that team loses, you are out. The teams that advance go on to play the following week. Everyone else has to watch from the sidelines.

Here's the kicker:  You are restricted to picking any particular team once during the lifetime of the active survivor pool. For example, if you pick the Donkey Punchers team to win in the first week of the survivor pool, you cannot pick the Donkey Punchers again.

If all of the remaining teams pick losers, the pool ends and the last remaining pickers get credit for a Tie. This approach may be revisited for 2017.

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