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 Midgard 2021 Rules Book
Table of Contents
  • The Bureaucracy
  • Slow Auction
  • Economics
  • Free Agency
  • The Season and Playoffs
  • Defense Points Held
  • Season Schedule and Victory Points
  • Hometowns
  • Resolving the Season
  • The Playoffs
  • Injured Reserve
  • Trading
  • Prizes

  • The Bureaucracy

    Nearly all contingencies have been accounted for within these rules, but for new issues that may arise, a group discussion is encouraged and then the wizened commissioner (Keith) makes the final decision. Everything is defined in the beginning of the season, and then the website runs the show.

    During the season, all team owners are ultimately responsible for ensuring that their starters are declared and accurately scored.


    Slow Auction

    Sometimes referred to as an "Ebay" style auction, this approach takes place over a time period of about two weeks, starting with the second week of August and ending prior to Labor Day weekend. It has a couple of tremendous advantages over the old realtime method that had been in place for years:
    1) it is no longer necessary to schedule 12 people to sit down at the same time
    2) it stretches out the auction for 2-3 weeks. each day is fun and can be intense.
    3) it totally rules

    Starting the Auction
    Each team starts the auction with 300 Copper Pieces in their bank. On Day 1, each team can nominate 1 player to put on the auction block, along with their opening and (secret) maximum bid. When the player is placed on the block and the opening bid is placed, the bid deadline is set for 24 hours later. If someone outbids the initial bidding team, their bid becomes the new high bid and the bid deadline is reset to be 24 hours later.

    This process continues until no team has bid on that player for a continuous 24 hour period. After that, the bid is processed. The player is removed from the auction block, placed on the team's roster, and the team's bank is deducted the appropriate amount of CP's.

    With this method, a total of 12 players are placed on the league auction block on Day 1 (one player is nominated per team). On Day 2, each team can nominate another player to place on the auction block, bringing it to a total of 24 players being nominated through two days.

    Nominations are Required
    For the first seven (7) days of the auction, all teams are required to nominate the requisite number of players each day. Each day where there is a failure to do so will result in a loss of 20CP from their regular season bank account.

    Players are nominated with an Opening Bid and a Maximum Bid. The Opening Bid is presented to the public when the player is placed on the auction block, and the Maximum Bid is kept secret. If another team places a competing bid on that player, the current bid is adjusted based on the relation of the two competing bid values.

    Maximum bid is greater than new bid
    The current bid value goes to [New Bid Value] + 1CP and the owner of the current bid remains the same. Deadline remains the same

    Maximum bid is equal to new bid
    The current bid value goes to [New Bid Value] and the owner of the current bid remains the same. Deadline remains the same.

    Maximum bid is less than new bid
    The current bid value goes to [Old Maximum Bid Value] + 1CP and the owner of the current bid changes to the new bidding team. The deadline is set to 24 hours in the future, using this exact time of day as the base time.

    Auction Schedule
    The auction begins at 12:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

    On the first day of the auction, each team can place one player on the auction block. On Day 2, each team can place another player on the auction block. As the auction progresses, more players are able to be placed onto the auction block each day.

    daymax # to nominate

    The minimum signing contract is for 1 CP, and so a team has to allocate at least 1 CP per roster slot.

    Each team is composed of 19 total players, and the roster parameters are set ahead of time (see below). At the end of the auction, each team's rosters must conform to the guidelines set forth. After the auction is completed, each owner may change the composition of their team as they see fit (dropping a QB, adding a WR, etc.), as long as they don't have more than 19 active players at any one time.

    This means that positional ratios are only required for the Auction. After the Auction and throughout the entire season, owners can have 15 QB's and 4 TE's if they want to! Of course, they still can only start 1 QB, 2 RB's, 3 WR's, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DF/ST, and 1 Coach.

    Teams cannot nominate or bid on any players in the auction if the result would be an illegal configuration (whether size or position). So as positions get filled for a team, that team cannot participate in any more auction activity regarding that position.

    No trades are allowed until the auction is over.

    If a player is still being nominated upon and they suffer a season ending injury in a preseason game, that nomination block will be nullified and any committed bids will be returned.

    Hammer Time
    Our auctions usually last about two weeks. The very last 2-3 days of the auction sometimes results in a staring contest to see who will put up their nomination first. Everyone's bank accounts are thin, someone has the hammer, and everyone understands that timing is *everything* at the end of an auction. What is needed is a game structure and mechanism to force moves to be made on the proverbial game board.

    Here is how that will work:

    * As of Day 10 and onward, teams do still have the option of not nominating a player when each new day arrives.

    * Teams cannot skip nominations two days in a row. If you do so, your AUCTION BANK will take a 3CP hit for each day a nomination is not made.

    * Teams can skip a day of nominations, then nominate only one player, and then skip the following day and there would be no penalty.

    * If a team's auction bank reaches 0PH and they do not have a full roster, they will have to wait until free agency in order to fill out their roster.



    100 Copper Pieces are deposited after the auction and before the season begins. In addition, any funds leftover from the auction are deposited in each team's bank account, and all of these funds are for use with Free Agency.

    During the season, each loss suffered by a team results in 10 Copper Pieces being deposited to their account.


    Free Agency

    There is a free agent list posted every week and all owners can look it over and bid on any players on the list.

    All teams can secretly bid on any players and then the results are simultaneously revealed when the FA deadline is reached. The value of the winning bid is +1 over the second highest bid. For example, if someone bid 15 CP on Alfred Pupunu and the second highest bid was 7 CP, the winner would obtain Pupunu for a cost of 8 CP. Similarly, if you bid 30 CP on a player and no one else bid, you'll end up only paying 1 CP to sign that free agent.

    In the case of a tie, the team with the worst W-L record wins the tiebreaker and thus the player being bid upon. If the W-L record is the same, the second level tiebreaker goes to the team with the lower YTD points. If a third level tiebreaker is still required, it goes to the team that placed the bid first.

    Free Agency sessions run Wednesday through Sunday, with two FA sessions on Sunday morning.

    If a player starts their game for that given week, they are ineligible to be waived or traded until after the week's last game. For example, if a player starts in a Thursday game, they must remain on that roster until after the Monday night game is over and the week is completed. This prevents any sort of roster size exploit, as well as any exploit resulting from essentially using a player's value twice (in the case of a trade).

    Note! Free Agency will be closed once the Sunday 1pm games kick off in Week 13. There will be NO Free Agency sessions during the playoffs.


    The Season and Playoffs

    Each week, your team faces one other team (determined by the season schedule posted before the season starts), and every owner submits their starting rosters prior to kickoff in that week's first game (usually Sundays, but sometimes Thursdays or Saturdays). If there is an early game in the week, Sunday's starters can still be edited up until 1 pm EST on Sunday.

    The 10 starters each week are always in the same positional ratio: 1 QB, 2 RB's, 1 TE, 3 WR's, 1 K, 1 DF/ST, and 1 Coach.

    These players earn points for their fantasy team through actual real-life scoring and yardage bonuses. The total points earned by those players is that fantasy team's final score, and the winning team is determined by highest score between the two teams which faced each other.

    For tiebreakers, the first and only level of tiebreaker is Head Coach. After that, a tie is a tie.

    Teams accrue win-loss records through the first 13 weeks of the regular season, and the top 6 teams face each other in the playoffs which take place in weeks 14-16 of the NFL regular season.

    Divisional ranking is based on total Victory Points, followed by season YTD. The four divisional winners get the top four seeds, and there are also two wildcard teams.


    Defense Points Held

    Defenses are not responsible for scores which happen when they are off of the field. This applies to fumbles and interceptions for touchdowns, as well as safeties. For TD's, we subtract 7 or 8 points from the total Points Held value. For safeties, we subtract 2 points from the Points Held total.

    For example, let's say the final score of a game is Patriots 30, Bills 27. In that game, QB Tom Brady throws an interception which is returned for a touchdown by the Bills defense (followed by a PAT kick). In this situation, the Patriots defense would have a Points Held value of 23.


    Season Schedule and Victory Points

    During the regular season (covering the first 13 weeks of the NFL's 17 weeks), each team faces each divisional opponent twice, and every other team in the league once. Teams earn 1 Victory Point for a head to head matchup, and 1 Victory Point for being in the top 50% for scoring for that week. Standings are determined by Victory Points.

    If a team wins their head to head game, they earn 1 Victory Point. If they tie, they earn 0.5 VP. If their team scored in the top six teams for that given week, they earn an additional 1 VP. This is a reflection of a team's overall power and helps to mitigate the luck factor when it comes to a season's schedule of head-to-head matchups.



    Homefield advantages are in place for the playoffs. The home team gets 2 bonus points to start the game with, reflecting their home-field advantage. There is no homefield advantage in the Championship game.


    Resolving the Season

    Once kickoff of Week 12 begins, all prior regular season games are considered final. All statistical adjustments/corrections must be made prior to the playoffs. The rule is: Stats are Stats are Stats, and the Stats rule.

    After kickoff of Week 12, everyone will know exactly where they stand in the playoff hunt as they go into the final regular season game. Teams have until Wednesday night of the final regular season game to audit and correct their results.


    The Playoffs

    The winners of each division, determined by the overall Victory Points within the division, get the first 4 seeds in the Midgard playoffs which take place in weeks 14-16 of the NFL's regular season.

    Of the 8 teams remaining, the two teams with the highest Victory Points make the playoffs. The worst 6 teams in the league do not play in the official playoffs (though see the next paragraph). In case of a tie for determining what teams will make the playoffs, the total points scored throughout the season will be used as a tiebreaker (starters' points for each week, totaled). The second tie-breaker for this situation will be overall record. The third tie-breaker will be the teams' head-to-head record. The fourth tie-breaker will be a vicious game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, 3 out of 5.

    As in the NFL, every team enters the playoffs with a clean slate. Just like the regular season, the Head Coach is the first tiebreaker. In the playoffs, bench points are the second level tiebreaker in "overtime." Third level tiebreaker in the playoffs: starting ST/DF. Fourth level: the higher seeded team.

    The six teams that missed the playoffs will face each other in the Loser Playoffs.

    Homefield advantage is used in the playoffs until the Championship game, which is on a neutral field.


    Injured Reserve

    Since Midgard does not keep any players from season to season, there is no Injured Reserve slot that is available. Rosters are limited to 20 players, period.



    All trades are pretty much legal but are subject to a league vote if one is called for. If five owners vote against a trade, it is reversed. If it is reversed after kickoff and it affected that week's starting lineups, then the sanctioned teams are treated as if they started too many players at the affected positions; the lowest scoring player is considered "started".

    The only reason to ever negate a trade would be Collusion. If there is no collusion, then the trade will go through. Ah, sweet Freedom!

    Keep in mind that anyone who is involved in a collusion trade in all likelihood will not be invited back in the following season. This type of vote has never been needed in the past.

    Once a player is traded from Team A to Team B, they cannot be traded back from Team B to Team A.

    Teams are also be able to include league currency ("Photons") as part of a trade.

    The Trade Deadline is first kickoff of Sunday's games in Week 10.



    Dues are $25 for the prize fund. This results in $300 in the prize pool. We use LeagueSafe to manage the dues and payouts.

    $125: 1st Place
    $75: 2nd Place
    $50: 3rd Place
    $25: 4th Place
    $25: 5th Place


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