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 Ice Cold Beer 2005
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 2005 Season TE's
pt name team
0 Witten AllBlacks
0 Wiggins AllBlacks
0 Shockey Swine
0 Kinney Real Deal
0 Jones Real Deal
0 Johnson Real Deal
0 Pollard Mud Hens
0 Gonzalez Mud Hens
0 Smith Packers
0 Stevens Packers
0 Gates Bubba's Killers
0 Miller Bubba's Killers
0 Clark Tri-Lams
0 Cooley Tri-Lams
0 McMicha. Revenge
0 Troupe Revenge
0 Putzier Bigg Dawggz Boyz
0 Heap Bigg Dawggz Boyz
0 Crumpler Coolers

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 Ice Cold Beer Forum
Ewing Oil - 1/4/2007 2:18:19 PM

RAIDER NATION - 12/26/2006 10:57:57 AM
atleast one raider team is making the finals good luck chip

Real Deal - 12/23/2006 5:19:36 AM
Can someone let me know if playoffs have already started, and if so what the schedule looks like!? I'm all confused....imagine that!

playoff schedule
Keith M. - 12/19/2006 10:03:15 AM
hi folks - just for future reference, setting up and running the playoffs is a per-league responsibility since each league can have it's own rules for determining playoff seeds, # of teams, etc. etc. i hadn't stopped by ICB in a while, or i would have stepped in sooner... in any case, i'm going to... more>>

Yahoo Fantasy is more organized
Brawlers - 12/18/2006 12:04:56 PM
If you were a playoff team, how were you supposed to know to set your lineup? How would you know who won this weekend? Wow, this is disorganized.

i see it the same way
RAIDER NATION - 12/17/2006 7:40:02 PM
i figure thats the way the playoffs should look

BeerBellies - 12/17/2006 11:38:51 AM
You know my vote. 8 teams.

Playoffs? What playoffs?
Packers - 12/17/2006 11:36:53 AM
This is how I see it: 1 Revenge v bye or 8 Coolers 2 RaiderNation v bye or 7 Beerbellies 3 Packers v 6 Flamin Cauc. 4 RealDeal v 5 AllBlacks I don't really give a shit whether there are 6 or 8 teams, but let's figure this thing out with a vote. I vote for 8 teams. Your turn.

BeerBellies - 12/17/2006 11:36:52 AM
I looked at the Rivercity League and their playoff schedule is setup. It doesn't appear to be a website problem. Does Rudy or Sean have to set it up?

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Congrats to all Champions!
Walter Reed Medical Center, Darth Manster, Puma Punku Early Men, and Show Me The Money have all won their respective leagues. All final standings have been posted in each league, and payouts will be allocated once the dust settles and everyone has signed off on the posted final standings.

Thanks to all for playing fantasy football in 2022!
 2005 Final Results
1st Bigg Dawggz Boyz
2nd Toledo Mud Hens
3rd Double Deuce Coolers
4th Lodi Bubba's Killers
5th Green Bud Packers
6th Ralphies Revenge
7th Johannesburg AllBlacks
8th Adams College Tri-Lams
9th Chattaboogie Swine
10th The Real Deal
 Ice Cold Beer Standings
Overall Division
North Division 
Toledo Mud Hens940620 1,154 1,051
Green Bud Packers850440 1,088 1,104
Johannesburg AllBlacks670530 1,122 1,043
Chattaboogie Swine391350 964 1,089
The Real Deal2110260 936 1,174
South Division 
Bigg Dawggz Boyz940440 1,216 1,128
Ralphies Revenge841521 1,246 960
Double Deuce Coolers760440 1,049 1,219
Lodi Bubba's Killers661350 1,015 1,043
Adams College Tri-Lams571341 1,096 1,075
 Ice Cold Beer 2005 Schedule

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Playoff Brackets
No schedule has been created yet. Your commissioner will do so.

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