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 Aurora Forum
Good Work!
Old Professor - 1/5/2022 10:09:38 AM
Congratulations, Jim! I'll be studying your strategy for next year!!! -- Scott

Yep, bigtime congrats!
Metalhead - 1/5/2022 8:49:21 AM
Two titles in the last three Aurora seasons. Don't get cocky now! :P

Congrats Jim!
Mountaineer - 1/4/2022 5:10:31 PM
You had a great team all season! Way to go! Dox!

Yeah, even this took me by surprise
Metalhead - 12/28/2021 5:49:54 AM
The Covid has been lurking around all season but when 10% of all NFL players get on the list within a week, it really undermines all of our collective efforts for being competitive. Not only are individual players unexpectedly lost each day of the week, but entire NFL teams are decimated. Why do you... more>>

Covid: Last Man standing Playoffs
Dumbells - 12/26/2021 10:19:33 AM
The Playoffs of Attrition continues. I'm covided with Ekeler out and who knows about Kelce. Of course, Show Me is missing Dalvin Cook and got stuck starting covided Valdes-Scantling. He's got three IRs on his bench (UGH). The team to beat (IMHO) , Dream Catchers are stuck without a kicker. ( though the... more>>

yikes, I thought it was set up
Metalhead - 12/14/2021 5:11:15 PM
my bad! scores are there now.

How Do We Follow the Scores This Week?
Old Professor - 12/12/2021 1:15:19 PM
Is there a way to know what the points are?

Playoffs will start in Week 15
Metalhead - 12/8/2021 5:48:03 PM
Don't forget! Free Agency will be closing after this upcoming Sunday. Aurora does not have Free Agency during the playoffs, as we have very large rosters and want to reward teams that have the depth and planning to make it through the playoffs gauntlet. For Week 14, Aurora will be doing a Royal Rumble... more>>

Playoff Brackets
Old Professor - 12/7/2021 7:29:11 PM
Is anybody else able to see the playoff brackets? Or are we not there yet?

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 History and Documents
 2021 Final Results
1st Show Me Your TD's
2nd Tiny Pink Bunny
3rd The Dumbells
5th Boone Dox
6th Asheville Sammies
7th T Gat
8th Puma Punku Early Men
9th New York Flushers
10th Ice King
11th The Whizzinators
12th Mormon HQ Squirrel Master
 Aurora Standings
Overall Division
Borealis Division 
Show Me Your TD's941310 17 1,357 1,167
Boone Dox950130 17 1,377 1,152
Asheville Sammies860220 17 1,339 1,278
Australis Division 
The Dumbells941310 17 1,341 1,178
T Gat590220 11 1,220 1,345
Ice King3110130 7 1,084 1,454
Solaris Division 
DREAM CATCHERS1130410 21 1,409 1,210
Puma Punku Early Men770320 14 1,347 1,266
New York Flushers590040 7 1,150 1,232
Marvilis Division 
Tiny Pink Bunny770500 15 1,339 1,242
The Whizzinators581230 10 1,186 1,339
Mormon. Squirrel Master491040 9 1,081 1,367

clinched division
clinched playoff spot
 Aurora 2021 Schedule
Week 1
129   Show Me Your TD's vs  69   Asheville Sammies
93   DREAM CATCHERS vs  51   Boone Dox
119   The Dumbells vs  108   Ice King
102   Squirrel Master vs  93   T Gat
84   New York Flushers vs  97   Early Men
84   The Whizzinators vs  88   Tiny Pink Bunny
Week 2
73   Boone Dox vs  110   Asheville Sammies
81   The Dumbells vs  114   Show Me Your TD's
86   Ice King vs  110   T Gat
90   DREAM CATCHERS vs  81   New York Flushers
86   Early Men vs  99   Tiny Pink Bunny
105   Squirrel Master vs  129   The Whizzinators
Week 3
92   Show Me Your TD's vs  86   Boone Dox
100   Asheville Sammies vs  68   Ice King
119   The Whizzinators vs  68   Early Men
112   Tiny Pink Bunny vs  120   DREAM CATCHERS
100   New York Flushers vs  77   Squirrel Master
96   T Gat vs  68   The Dumbells
Week 4
102   The Dumbells vs  109   Asheville Sammies
80   Ice King vs  79   Show Me Your TD's
93   Boone Dox vs  81   T Gat
90   Squirrel Master vs  100   Early Men
75   Tiny Pink Bunny vs  111   New York Flushers
131   DREAM CATCHERS vs  82   The Whizzinators
Week 5
89   Boone Dox vs  112   Show Me Your TD's
94   T Gat vs  111   Ice King
85   Early Men vs  109   The Dumbells
142   Tiny Pink Bunny vs  92   Squirrel Master
120   Asheville Sammies vs  141   The Whizzinators
97   New York Flushers vs  138   DREAM CATCHERS

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Playoff Brackets

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