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 Midgard 2021
 Auction: Wednesday, August 11, 5:00 AM   Countdown: 18 days
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Keith Mickelson
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Midgard is Back for 2021!
5/21/2021 6:40:36 PM - Commish
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After an unprecedented year off due to the immense uncertainty of 2020, Midgard is back for good. Last year presented very real and heavy questions about the integrity of our fantasy football game, due to the probabilities of not only players...

 Midgard Forum
Hail and welcome!
Vixens - 7/23/2021 5:52:31 PM
I look forward to us all kicking ass this year. Don't be afraid to offer reasonable trades!

Welcome to Midgard, Joshua!
Hermit Master - 7/23/2021 10:21:06 AM
Joshua will be taking over the 3x Midgard Champion's team, the Bright Black Ninjas. He's certainly worthy of it, as Joshua is a bad mambo jambo when it comes to fantasy football. Welcome to our ancient league, Joshua!

Hermit Master - 7/23/2021 7:25:11 AM
I haven't heard anything, but will hope they reach out. In the meantime, I'll be spending this weekend formalizing ownerships so that we have a clear understanding of how much recruiting will be needed. Speaking of which, if you have't responded to the previous roll calls and are still planning on being... more>>

Possible Owner
Alicia - 7/15/2021 4:23:37 PM
I have a very strong maybe from someone at work. He has the info.

Sorry to see you go, Cougs!
Hermit Master - 7/13/2021 7:25:43 PM
It's been awesome having you in the league since 2008. Wishing you the best... more>>

J.J. - 7/12/2021 10:46:21 AM
Im back, lets do this thing!

Cougars - 7/9/2021 12:27:49 AM
Im out, its been fun.

Oh, it's happening!
Hermit Master - 7/7/2021 4:45:39 PM
It is past time to start getting serious, though. I know that we'll have at least 1 opening in Midgard, as the Bright Black Ninjas are taking their three Midgard Championships and entirely retiring from fantasy football. Everyone is encouraged to do some recruiting so that we can get this party started. ... more>>

Vixens are in!
Alicia - 7/6/2021 6:09:07 PM
Is this happening?

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 Midgard 2021 Schedule
No schedule has been created yet. Your commissioner will do so.

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