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 2021 Draft Order
1. Camacho's
2. Raw Dogs
3. Manster
4. Cujo's Avengers
7. Chin Straps
8. Two Knives
9. Raving Hermits
10. Good Stuff
11. Vixens
12. Wolverines
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2022 Midgard Roll Call!
6/22/2022 10:58:03 AM - Commish
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Yes, "It's TIME!" It is the end of June and our auction is a mere 7 weeks away. It is time to raise your hand if you want to jump back into Midgard for the 2022 season.

Speaking for myself, last year was a very strange year for me both inside and outside of football and I am eager to get back...

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 Midgard Forum
Camacho is in!
Frito - 6/22/2022 11:10:23 PM
Brought to you by Carls Jr.

MN HITMEN - 6/22/2022 10:38:55 PM

Wolverines are in
Solson - 6/22/2022 5:58:47 PM
I am in

Vixens are IN!!!
Vixens - 6/22/2022 4:40:21 PM
I am looking forward to a great season in Midgard! Time to kick ass and take names!

Payouts details
Hermit Master - 1/10/2022 5:50:17 PM
Payouts are allocated on LeagueSafe but there are a couple of wrinkles to explain. 1. Jake doesn't have a LeagueSafe account and so I allocated his prizes to his brother Josh. 2. Eric didn't pay, so he doesn't get his $25 prize for 5th place. Thanks for playing, everyone!

Don't forget, everyone - Free Agency closes after Sunday
Hermit Master - 12/8/2021 5:32:59 PM
Midgard does not have Free Agency during the playoffs, as we have very large rosters and want to reward teams that have the depth and planning to make it through the playoffs gauntlet.

Chin Straps - 12/5/2021 7:01:05 AM
Sorry I didn't make my bids or add Ceedee Lamb to line up. I was out of it anyway. I'll try to make sure I set a proper lineup next week.

Johnson not updating
Chin Straps - 10/21/2021 9:45:58 PM
D'Ernest Johnson is not updating.

Monday Night Game Did not Update
Solson - 10/12/2021 10:57:41 AM
The Monday Night Game stopped updating. So all the players from it did not update Jackson’s big game is not reflected. Please update

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 History and Documents
 2021 Final Results
1st Darth Manster
2nd J & J Good Stuff
3rd Barneveld Raving Hermits
4th Not Sure Camacho's
5th Land of Ice-N-Snow Raw Dogs
6th Cujo's Avengers
7th Defiance Wolverines
8th Bristol Vixens
11th Two Knives
12th Sufferin Chin Straps
 Midgard Standings
Overall Division
Odin Division 
Darth Manster1130600 23 1,962 1,532
Cujo's Avengers851330 14 1,582 1,556
Bristol Vixens860330 14 1,526 1,573
Sufferin Chin Straps4100060 8 1,374 1,668
Heimdall Division 
Not Sure Camacho's932420 21 1,856 1,599
Barneveld Raving Hermits770420 16 1,706 1,744
Defiance Wolverines590240 11 1,574 1,571
Two Knives4100240 7 1,333 1,502
Balder Division 
Land of Ice-N. Raw Dogs950330 15 1,704 1,619
J & J Good Stuff860330 18 1,661 1,656
MN HITMEN590420 10 1,514 1,660
YA NEVA KNOW491240 11 1,593 1,705

clinched division
clinched playoff spot
 Midgard 2021 Schedule
Week 1
106   Two Knives vs  122   Cujo's Avengers
129   Darth Manster vs  110   MN HITMEN
159   Not Sure Camacho's vs  92   J & J Good Stuff
149   Chin Straps vs  113   Raw Dogs
127   Bristol Vixens vs  127   Defiance Wolverines
158   YA NEVA KNOW vs  142   Raving Hermits

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Week 2
151   Raving Hermits vs  124   Bristol Vixens
107   Defiance Wolverines vs  120   Darth Manster
109   MN HITMEN vs  128   Chin Straps
124   J & J Good Stuff vs  166   Cujo's Avengers
77   YA NEVA KNOW vs  93   Two Knives
162   Raw Dogs vs  127   Not Sure Camacho's

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Week 3
102   Cujo's Avengers vs  141   YA NEVA KNOW
127   MN HITMEN vs  116   J & J Good Stuff
113   Two Knives vs  172   Raving Hermits
85   Defiance Wolverines vs  126   Not Sure Camacho's
102   Raw Dogs vs  87   Bristol Vixens
149   Darth Manster vs  93   Chin Straps

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Week 4
118   Bristol Vixens vs  92   MN HITMEN
125   Not Sure Camacho's vs  125   YA NEVA KNOW
125   Cujo's Avengers vs  99   Raw Dogs
132   J & J Good Stuff vs  97   Defiance Wolverines
116   Darth Manster vs  107   Two Knives
108   Chin Straps vs  125   Raving Hermits

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Week 5
151   J & J Good Stuff vs  96   MN HITMEN
129   YA NEVA KNOW vs  127   Raw Dogs
123   Not Sure Camacho's vs  162   Defiance Wolverines
105   Raving Hermits vs  143   Two Knives
139   Cujo's Avengers vs  83   Bristol Vixens
96   Chin Straps vs  183   Darth Manster

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