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 O.Fantasy Football Forum
personally, I'm glad to hear it
Sasquatch - 8/18/2020 9:41:43 AM
Fantasy football is a ton of fun, but that fun arises out of trying to gather information and formulate strategies that are superior to my league rivals. I don't feel that this will be the landscape for 2020, as we'll be dealing with signficant uncertainty with players availability. Or worse, it is a... more>>

We are officially suspending the league until 2021! And have a low-budget fun league in 2020.
Heiny Kickers - 8/16/2020 3:45:26 PM
All rookies will retain their rookie status until 2021. All rookies that could be drafted this year and next year can be chosen as a keeper in 2022. Jeff will be running the fun league and I turn that over to him. This will give me a break for a year. Feel free to give me a call for questions, or just to... more>>

A fundamental change to the OFF
Dick heads - 7/31/2020 4:11:10 PM
Redrafting each week is a smart way to try to resolve some of the major issues that we will be facing this year as owners. However it is such a huge step from the norm that this would require a majority of the teams to agree to such a radical shift. For those of you that have been in the Drafthouse league... more>>

Good Ideas keep them coming!
Dick heads - 7/28/2020 8:03:42 PM
You have some pretty good ideas Brad. I do like your idea of redrafting every week to eliminating the whole covid factor. This would mean a bigger time commitment from the other owners but it may be the easiest way to avoid that issue all together. Along with a free agency on Sunday morning for... more>>

new team every sunday
Miller Low Lifes - 7/28/2020 12:54:18 AM
online draft every sunday??? Again just spit ballin an idea

lets gamble 2...
Miller Low Lifes - 7/28/2020 12:11:38 AM
i just threw that idea out there if the league is cancelled before it starts... more>>

Lets Gamble...
Miller Low Lifes - 7/28/2020 12:09:00 AM
first off i hope everybody is staying healthy during this horrible pandemic...its also good to be back in the O.F.F league!!! One idea and i'm just getting the ball rolling could be set are rookie keepers and franchise players like normal and draft like nothing happened. If anything happens like the... more>>

this pandemic sucks
Sasquatch - 7/27/2020 7:34:23 PM
Did y'all see the MLB's opening week? One week in and they already had to "postpone" two games. And that's pansy baseball with no tackling and lots of crotch scratching. I know that this is a crazy reality these days and that everyone is trying to make the best evaulations for themselves and their... more>>

fantasy 2020 season?
Fishman - 7/26/2020 9:32:08 PM
you're right Dave lots of confusion and too many questions to even think of if we decide on option to cancel our season what happens to rookie keepers would they hold over to next year ? I think all of us that enjoy fantasy football would like to have our season if possible so hopefully the nfl can get it... more>>

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 History and Documents
 2018 Final Results
1st Walker Bullinachinashop
2nd Fishman
3rd Kristi's Bitch
4th Osage Heiny Kickers
5th Miller Low Lifes
6th Nuckin' Futs
7th Walleye Express
8th PR The BabyMaker
9th Duluth Brads team
10th Richard Crainiums
11th Hogan's Heros
12th Masterbaiters
 O.Fantasy Football Standings
Overall Division
House Targaryen Division 
Osage Heiny Kickers841301 L11,198 991#2
Masterbaiters481121 L2896 1,137#11
Walleye Express391130 W1943 1,163#12
House Baratheon Division 
Fishman1030310 W51,363 1,039#1
Kristi's Bitch850220 W21,040 973#5
Richard Crainiums661130 L3983 1,005#7
House Greyjoy Division 
Nuckin' Futs760220 W11,187 1,073#4
Miller Low Lifes760310 W41,033 1,076#6
PR The BabyMaker481130 L61,094 1,228#10
House Lannister Division 
Walker Bullinachinashop850310 L11,136 1,025#3
Duluth Brads team571220 W11,002 1,016#8
Hogan's Heros580130 L1787 936#9

clinched division
clinched playoff spot
 O.Fantasy Football 2018 Schedule
Week 10
68   Masterbaiters vs  112   Miller Low Lifes
89   Kristi's Bitch vs  51   Duluth Brads team
88   Nuckin' Futs vs  38   Hogan's Heros
80   Richard Crainiums vs  62   Bullinachinashop
68   PR The BabyMaker vs  140   Osage Heiny Kickers
66   Walleye Express vs  96   Fishman
Week 11
70   PR The BabyMaker vs  87   Masterbaiters
74   Richard Crainiums vs  74   Walleye Express
75   Hogan's Heros vs  58   Kristi's Bitch
80   Duluth Brads team vs  114   Nuckin' Futs
100   Bullinachinashop vs  116   Miller Low Lifes
83   Osage Heiny Kickers vs  90   Fishman
Week 12
79   Walleye Express vs  101   Kristi's Bitch
108   Miller Low Lifes vs  75   Nuckin' Futs
104   Bullinachinashop vs  77   PR The BabyMaker
65   Duluth Brads team vs  76   Hogan's Heros
94   Osage Heiny Kickers vs  46   Masterbaiters
116   Fishman vs  89   Richard Crainiums
Week 13
47   Masterbaiters vs  56   Walleye Express
77   Richard Crainiums vs  83   Kristi's Bitch
39   PR The BabyMaker vs  79   Miller Low Lifes
73   Fishman vs  62   Hogan's Heros
91   Duluth Brads team vs  42   Bullinachinashop
* Game of the Week *
101   Nuckin' Futs vs  68   Osage Heiny Kickers
Playoffs, round 1
118   Bullinachinashop vs  75   Miller Low Lifes
83   Kristi's Bitch vs  59   Nuckin' Futs
53   Hogan's Heros vs  71   Walleye Express
64   PR The BabyMaker vs  53   Masterbaiters
Playoffs, round 2
79   Kristi's Bitch vs  84   Fishman
79   Bullinachinashop vs  52   Osage Heiny Kickers
48   Miller Low Lifes vs  45   Nuckin' Futs
82   Walleye Express vs  32   Richard Crainiums
68   PR The BabyMaker vs  62   Duluth Brads team
29   Masterbaiters vs  60   Hogan's Heros
Week 16
93   Bullinachinashop vs  71   Fishman
117   Kristi's Bitch vs  99   Osage Heiny Kickers
90   Walleye Express vs  55   PR The BabyMaker
72   Duluth Brads team vs  67   Richard Crainiums

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