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Third Year
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 1999 Draft Order
1. Kickers
2. Skullsplitters
3. Factor
4. Dreamcrushers
5. Hitmen
6. Robinskis
7. Maulers
8. Bruins
9. Bushmasters
10. Crunch
11. Troopers
12. Lil' Punishers
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 Smashmouth Gazette
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Ragnarok Hits the Silver Anniversary and Announces 2022 Divisional Realignments
4/15/2022 10:15:13 PM - Commish
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After 25 years of fantasy football, fun, and camaraderie, Ragnarok has reached the silver anniversary milestone. And with the annual reset of the league comes the official realignment of its divisions. For the silver anniversary of Ragnarok, here are the divisional breakouts in the order of...

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 Ragnarok Forum
New Owner Dilemma Solved.
Coach Cowher Tomlin - 5/6/2022 8:49:29 PM
I have confirmed with Cold Play Guy that he is 100% in this time. Unless his girlfriend scores Shawn Mendes tickets, but what are the chances of that? I totally win as Recruitment Chairman!

Thank you Ragnarok
Bass Master - 5/5/2022 7:53:46 AM
We are transitioning a vendor and there is a lot of discussion about our banking lockbox. I have to make sure I don't refer to it as the fucking lockbox because I am a fucking professional.

Today is a beautiful day
Head of Scouting - 5/3/2022 8:28:14 PM
After a very long winter the final bit of snow has finally melted from my yard. At last!

Good job Kent!!
Capt. Blast - 5/3/2022 9:49:53 AM
And thank you Eric for organizing the draft game. I trust Kent 100% with navigating the course for a new addition to the league. Canít wait to talk about what our draft will look likeÖ no TE flex, 2 QB or any other change to roster/Starting line ups. If I am out voted so be it. No No No never. I love you!!!

Upcoming Topics
Oscar Goldman - 5/3/2022 12:03:53 AM
In no particular order: * new ownership (Kent is the team lead on the Ownership Committee) * scattershot Ragnarok 2022 draft venues with Zoom * 2 TE flex for 2022

Congrats to the Gamblers!
Oscar Goldman - 4/30/2022 11:28:22 PM
It's kind of cheating, having the super power of Gambling while doing an NFL Draft parlay. But we all knew that we'd be competing on that playing field.

Draft Partay Update
Oscar Goldman - 4/26/2022 8:20:05 PM
We'll be using a free Zoom account and will simply reset the meeting every 40 minutes. We'll start the Zoom meeting at 7:45pm Eastern time. The link will be sent out either Wednesday or Thursday. Submit your picks to the fucking lockbox by Thursday... more>>

video conferencing
Oscar Goldman - 4/23/2022 1:51:05 PM
It seems that Zoom has gotten rid of their monthly plan, but there may be better options out there regardless. I recently came across the Brave browser and am very impressed so far. It's legitimately a privacy browser that originates from a fork of the Chrome codebase, but it stripped out all of the bloat... more>>

I didnít know this was an option. Letís do that.
Thor - 4/17/2022 5:01:47 PM
League safe, it is.

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 History and Documents
 1999 Final Results
1st Chattanooga Hitmen
2nd Portland Factor
3rd Carrboro Dreamcrushers
4th Black Headed Robinskis
5th Burnsville Bruins
6th Lil' Punishers
7th Jotunheim Skullsplitters
8th New World Bushmasters
9th Knack Attack Troopers
10th Syracuse Crunch
11th Valhalla Maulers
12th Heiny Kickers
 Ragnarok Standings
Overall Division
Norris Division 
Jotunheim Skullsplitters860320 0
Heiny Kickers761410 0
Valhalla Maulers3110240 0
New World Bushmasters2120240 0
Grant Division 
Portland Factor1220510 0
Carrboro Dreamcrushers950320 0
Burnsville Bruins680240 0
Lil' Punishers680140 0
Marshall Division 
Chattanooga Hitmen1120500 0
Black Headed Robinskis770230 0
Knack Attack Troopers671240 0
Syracuse Crunch590240 0

 Ragnarok 1999 Schedule

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Playoff Brackets
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