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    2021 Drafthouse schedule adjustments?

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    Sea Monsters


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    Posted - 5/24/2021 10:44:08 AM
    2021 Drafthouse schedule adjustments?
    Gentlemen, the NFL has expanded the regular season to 18 weeks and that invites a discussion for how we want to approach it.

    Traditionally, our schedule was simple in that we played everyone twice during the regular season and then had a Top 4 playoffs in Weeks 15-16.

    We could keep it this way for 2021, as it does give a nice symmetry and it also maintains a Top 4 goal for making the playoffs. That would mean that our Drafthouse fantasy season would end after Week 16, though, instead of having Week 17 be our final week. And that may be perfectly fine, too.

    If we're chomping at the bit to get in all the fantasy football possible (except Week 18, of course), then maybe a creative solution could be found. Just spontaneously spitballing here, but one other idea could be to do it as-is and then have a Week 17 where all 8 teams are drafting for a one-week prize, whether it is one big prize to the top scorer or whether it is a straight up $10 for whoever wins their heads up match in Week 17.

    Any other creative ideas are most welcome!
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