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    Daily Ramblings
    Congrats to Northern Exposure for being the 2019 Drafthouse Champion!

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    Sea Monsters


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    Posted - 12/24/2019 7:11:29 AM
    Congrats to Northern Exposure for being the 2019 Drafthouse Champion!
    Nice job coming through at the end and winning the big games when it counted.

    Thanks to all for playing! We can do some offseason bantering about how to make the playoffs more interesting for all teams. I had mentioned a couple of off-the-cuff ideas, and here is another one: Leave the buy-in at $40 and simply continue the $20 high scorer bonus in Weeks 15 and 16. The playoff weeks would still matter to all teams in terms of financial motivation, and the top four teams are also playing for the glory of the trophy. Anyways, that's just one more idea and we have many months to determine what adjustments to make for next season.

    Here are the final payouts for 2019:
    $180 Robot Sea Monsters
    $50 Northern Exposure
    $30 Primetime Ballers
    $20 Go To Helen Waite
    $20 Bigfoot Barleywine
    $20 A-Train

    Thanks again everyone!
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    Sea Monsters


    2977 posts
    Fu: 118.98
    Posted - 12/26/2019 10:05:58 AM
    Prizes are allocated at LeagueSafe
    Since we had three owners who do not have LeagueSafe accounts, this got a little weird. For 2020, I'll be requiring that everyone have their own LeagueSafe account and pay online and therefore be able to get paid online as well.

    For 2019, I'll have to receive the relevant funds send some checks in the mail to Aaron and Jacob and Cory.

    Thanks to Cory for letting me know that he paid me in August, in person. I had to make adjustments and reallocate the payouts on LeagueSafe.

    With all this being said, this is how the payouts will play out:

    $140 to Robot Sea Monsters (Cory paid cash in August, not online)
    $50 to Robot Sea Monsters for Northern Exposure
    $20 to Robot Sea Monsters for A-Train (Aaron)
    $20 to Robot Sea Monsters for Go To Helen Waite (Jacob)
    $30 to Primetime Ballers
    $20 to Bigfoot Barleywine

    Aaron and Jacob: please email me your street addresses and I will drop checks in the mail.
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