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    Daily Ramblings
    Just a reminder: Week 14 is our last regular season game

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    Sea Monsters


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    Posted - 12/3/2019 1:39:38 PM
    Just a reminder: Week 14 is our last regular season game
    So this week is a normal regular season week, with a $20 prize to the high scorer.

    And then starting next week we do a two-week playoffs bracket in Weeks 15 and 16. All four teams in the Lagers division are still in the playoff hunt!
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    Sea Monsters


    2977 posts
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    Posted - 12/4/2019 12:36:08 PM
    Week 14 Draft Room link
    Week 14 Draft Room

    Yikes, there was yet another Sea Monsters sighting last week. Sorry guys!

    Current standings:
    $180 Robot Sea Monsters
    $20 Primetime Ballers
    $20 Northern Exposure
    $20 Go To Helen Waite
    $20 Bigfoot Barleywine

    This week, I will be out of town but I think I will still be able to make the live draft (assuming no flight delays), but in case that doesn't happen here is how it would play out:

    One random live participant will be given ownership over the draft room, and will be able to see buttons for controlling the clock and also which users get assigned to which team.

    When a room is set up, all teams are assigned to specific user accounts. If a user cannot join us for whatever reason, that team will need to not be assigned to a user.

    Whoever has that room ownership role will need to unassign users for any teams where a human is not in the room. For example, if the Primetime Ballers are not in the room (humans online will have green icons next to their team name on the board) then the room owner will need to click on the USERS button and edit that team to have no assigned Friend. Once no human is assigned to a team, the computer AI will do the picking.

    Lastly, if anyone cannot login then they can use a testing account to do so. Only one person can use it, and it's username TimmyTester and password "testing".

    My cell is (919) 428-3245, in case there are any questions or issues. Hopefully I'll be in the room, though.
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