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    Welcome Welcome
    Welcome to Customized Football
    12 51 7/11/2015 Gustafson    
    Daily Ramblings Daily Ramblings
    The usual witty banter by and about the league.
    29 159 7/11/2015 Gustafson    
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    On The Block On The Block
    Players being offered for sale
    0 0 7/11/2015 Gustafson    
    Looking For Players Looking For Players
    Need a position? Post what you're looking for here.
    0 0 7/11/2015 Gustafson    
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    2018-19 rules discussion set for August 1st. 2018-19 rules discussion set for August 1st.
    First off, please have rookies and players in by August 15th. We can discuss this at the meeting, but teams should have time to plan their draft. We will decide where to have the draft. Currently one person has offered their garage with WiFi and tv, a local bar may be an option, and Shingobee of walker may offer a $100 bonus to the prize pool if it is held there. None are confirmed yet. The twelve year mark is approaching so we would be able to change how we determine the picking order. Any ideas would be great, but please post them. Currently, I like keeping it the same or the loser bowl determining first pick or first choice of where they want to pick in the draft and the champion getting the left over spot. Other ideas are welcome. I think these are the main points this year. If you have an idea, give me a call in the evening or Sunday to discuss it. Thanks, E
    2 13 7/15/2018 Gustafson    
    The draft will be at bogeys!!! The draft will be at bogeys!!!
    The TV is a bit blurry so if a few folks brought lap tops it would help. Ill have mine there. One per table would be ideal. See ya all around 4. We will be going over some rule changes before we start. If you have ideas, post them here so everyone can mull it over. The main ones I would like to look at are 1) When to pick franchise players and rookies. 2) Free agency, how many per week and when it starts and ends. In addition to this roster limitations. This is a fun league, although I like the competitiveness Brandon brought, loading every roster spot with running backs and throwing a fit because you have no WR didn't go over well with me. If you have questions, feel free to give me a call. Later, E.
    4 22 8/26/2015 Gustafson    
    Rules Proposals Rules Proposals
    Discuss your rules.
    5 65 7/11/2015 Gustafson    
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    Non-Football Non-Football
    Yes, there is a big world outside of football.
    1 1 7/11/2015 Gustafson    

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