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     Wk 15's TE Scorers
    pt name team
    21 Olsen Typhoons
    18 Gronkow. Chamber
    17 Gates Raving Hermits
    15 Kelce Black Ninjas
    13 Graham Anchorman
    13 Witten Dez Dynasty
    9 Allen Manster
    7 Bennett Bayous
    5 Cook Cougs
    4 Thomas 3rdWorldTurds

     Clipboard holders
    pt name team
    16 Daniels Chamber
    13 Walker Anchorman
    11 Clay Typhoons
    10 Rivera Raving Hermits
    10 Miller Black Ninjas

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     Midgard Forum

    hanny - 12/2/2014 9:14:15 AM
    ...and can I at least keep the Megatron Post-it pad???

    hanny - 12/2/2014 9:12:38 AM
    After reading the explanation, I can see how it is technically not a valid trade until today, which as Keith states is after the deadline. No worries, I will continue to have 4 quality RBs but waste 2 of them each week :-/ And really, is Megatron really that much of an upgrade over Anquan fucking Boldin??

    Hermit Master - 12/2/2014 9:10:15 AM
    it really comes down to that you can't do both things in the same week - you can't start a player and simultaneously trade him in the same week. that denies Physics. i feel bad for the Chamber. it was a great trade for him, for sure.

    Alright Im good
    TWT - 12/2/2014 9:00:25 AM
    I get it trade was intiated though within the deadline and after Sundays last game finished. I understand what you are saying I just think the timing of the trade doesn't constitute any exploitation. If trades are supposed to be reviewed why not make it so the trade is not fully intitiated until the... more>>

    because it's an exploit
    Hermit Master - 12/2/2014 8:49:10 AM
    please examine the timing of your players usage and consequent trade. what you are attempting to do is an exploit. you say that i said the trade was initially ok, but here is what my actual postit said to you on the morning of 11/27 said (in response to a non-specific inquiry from you, btw): "it... more>>

    How did i not clinch division
    TWT - 12/2/2014 8:07:50 AM
    If I recall correctly I beat the vixens twice and should have more points than vixens. if im not allowed the trade I should at least be allowed my proper scoring. again there was nothing fishy about that trade. If you have a trade deadline it should be honored. How ridiculous is that when the player has... more>>

    I object
    TWT - 12/2/2014 7:22:45 AM
    I asked you specifically if I made a trade after the thanksgiving games but before the deadline if there would be a problem. You said no problem. I also object to my points for Calvin Johnson not being recorded for the week. There is nothing fishy about the trade. We both agreed to make the trade and it... more>>

    alas, the Turds / Chamber trade has to be nullified
    Hermit Master - 12/2/2014 7:17:12 AM
    as much as i would love for the Chamber to have Megatron this week, instead of my upcoming opponent the Turds, unfortunately that trade on Sunday was an illegal trade. the reason for it is that one cannot simultaneously start and trade a player, and that is what essentially the Turds would be doing. ... more>>

    half point VP upcoming
    Hermit Master - 11/24/2014 1:17:29 PM
    i had thought this was already configured but obviously there is a drunk monkey running loose somewhere inside the VictoryPointer4000 machine. i'll address the underlying code issue with the final standings update after Week 12 reaches a conclusion.

    Seriously commish - where's my VP
    Dallas Dez Dynasty - 11/20/2014 1:12:10 PM
    Don't you get 1/2 VP for a tie if both HC lose?

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     History and Documents
     2014 Final Results
    Bright Black Ninjas
    Bristol Vixens
    Dallas Dez Dynasty
    Houston Bayous
    Pullman Cougs
    San Diego Anchorman
    Taipei Typhoons
    The Chamber
    5th Barneveld Raving Hermits
    6th Snake Alley 3rdWorldTurds
    11th Defiance Wolverines
    12th Darth Manster
     Midgard Standings
    Overall Division
    W L T W L T VP Str ytd pa
    Odin Division 
    The Chamber760310 17 L11582 1517
    Pullman Cougs760220 16 L11501 1437
    Darth Manster571130 8.5 W11297 1427
    Heimdall Division 
    Bright Black Ninjas1030310 20 W31780 1449
    Houston Bayous580220 11 L31467 1648
    San Diego Anchorman2110130 8 L101415 1592
    Balder Division 
    Barneveld Raving Hermits850400 15 W41469 1407
    Taipei Typhoons850130 13 W11439 1391
    Dallas Dez Dynasty481130 7.5 L41277 1345
    Thor Division 
    Snake Alley 3rdWorldTurds940310 16 L11553 1384
    Bristol Vixens760130 16 W11532 1520
    Defiance Wolverines580220 8 W21348 1543

    clinched division
    clinched playoff spot
     Midgard 2014 Schedule
    Week 11
    96   Defiance Wolverines vs 110   Raving Hermits
    85   Dallas Dez Dynasty vs 85   Darth Manster
    160   Bristol Vixens vs 118   Houston Bayous
    128   Bright Black Ninjas vs 119   Pullman Cougs
    116   The Chamber vs 105   San Diego Anchorman
    59   3rdWorldTurds vs 81   Taipei Typhoons
    Week 12
    93   Taipei Typhoons vs 145   Raving Hermits
    112   San Diego Anchorman vs 130   Bright Black Ninjas
    110   Defiance Wolverines vs 83   Bristol Vixens
    120   3rdWorldTurds vs 85   Dallas Dez Dynasty
    151   The Chamber vs 88   Darth Manster
    116   Pullman Cougs vs 110   Houston Bayous
    Week 13
    125   San Diego Anchorman vs 133   Bristol Vixens
    187   Bright Black Ninjas vs 97   Houston Bayous
    108   Darth Manster vs 104   Pullman Cougs
    136   Defiance Wolverines vs 121   3rdWorldTurds
    74   Dallas Dez Dynasty vs 106   Taipei Typhoons
    130   Raving Hermits vs 127   The Chamber
    Playoffs, round 1
    154   #6 Pullman Cougs at 88   #3 3rdWorldTurds
    145   #5 Bristol Vixens at 142   #4 Raving Hermits
    72   #12 Dallas Dez Dynasty at 47   #9 Darth Manster
    72   #11 Defiance Wolverines at 128   #10 San Diego Anchorman
    Playoffs, round 2
    101   #6 Pullman Cougs at 131   #1 Bright Black Ninjas
    113   #5 Bristol Vixens at 112   #2 The Chamber
    152   #4 Raving Hermits at 92   #3 3rdWorldTurds
    71   #12 Dallas Dez Dynasty at 97   #7 Taipei Typhoons
    97   #10 San Diego Anchorman at 83   #8 Houston Bayous
    84   #11 Defiance Wolverines at 67   #9 Darth Manster
    Playoffs, round 3
      #5 Bristol Vixens vs   #1 Bright Black Ninjas
      #6 Pullman Cougs at 6   #2 The Chamber
      #10 San Diego Anchorman vs   #7 Taipei Typhoons
      #12 Dallas Dez Dynasty at 2   #8 Houston Bayous

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