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 Midgard Forum
N I G H T M A R E...
Solson - 9/30/2015 8:01:44 PM
...that is how I spell fantasy football 2015. Not sure what else can go off the rails. Preseaon: Voted best team Week 3: last team earn Victory Point. Sometimes I hate fantasy football.

maybe give INT's +2?
Hermit Master - 9/24/2015 5:37:55 AM
you'd be really Lucky then!

Propose scoring change
Solson - 9/23/2015 3:02:53 AM
I would like to propose a change to the scoring rules. I would like to switch to score by vote each week as that is the only points my team earned this year. Either everyone that voted for me as the best team in the preseason is an idiot, or I have had the worst Luck (pun and capital L intended) to... more>>

Hermit Master - 9/18/2015 3:15:34 PM
not cool.

Adric - 9/17/2015 10:25:34 PM
Manster started Mike Evans, Typhoons started Blount

Ninja - 9/17/2015 9:03:56 PM
was started>?

Or injured
Adric - 9/17/2015 6:47:58 AM
Suspended or injured.

Did I miss something?
Adric - 9/17/2015 6:45:36 AM
Is the objective in this league not to score points? At least two separate teams started suspended players last week!

'fraid not
Hermit Master - 9/16/2015 6:29:14 AM
college = scouting

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 2014 Final Results
1st Bristol Vixens
2nd Bright Black Ninjas
3rd Pullman Cougs
4th The Chamber
5th Barneveld Raving Hermits
6th Snake Alley 3rdWorldTurds
7th San Diego Anchorman
8th Taipei Typhoons
9th Dallas Dez Dynasty
10th Houston Bayous
11th Defiance Wolverines
12th Darth Manster
 History and Documents
 Midgard Standings
Overall Division
W L T W L T VP Str ytd pa
Odin Division 
The Chamber760310 17 L11582 1517
Pullman Cougs760220 16 L11501 1437
Darth Manster571130 8.5 W11297 1427
Heimdall Division 
Bright Black Ninjas1030310 20 W31780 1449
Houston Bayous580220 11 L31467 1648
San Diego Anchorman2110130 8 L101415 1592
Balder Division 
Barneveld Raving Hermits850400 15 W41469 1407
Taipei Typhoons850130 13 W11439 1391
Dallas Dez Dynasty481130 7.5 L41277 1345
Thor Division 
Snake Alley 3rdWorldTurds940310 16 L11553 1384
Bristol Vixens760130 16 W11532 1520
Defiance Wolverines580220 8 W21348 1543

clinched division
clinched playoff spot
 Midgard 2014 Schedule
Week 2
143   3rdWorldTurds vs 82   Defiance Wolverines
86   Darth Manster vs 124   Bristol Vixens
84   The Chamber vs 102   Pullman Cougs
140   San Diego Anchorman vs 119   Houston Bayous
100   Bright Black Ninjas vs 136   Raving Hermits
93   Taipei Typhoons vs 100   Dallas Dez Dynasty
Week 3
95   Bristol Vixens vs 109   3rdWorldTurds
101   Defiance Wolverines vs 126   The Chamber
128   Pullman Cougs vs 124   Darth Manster
90   Dallas Dez Dynasty vs 122   Bright Black Ninjas
93   Raving Hermits vs 107   San Diego Anchorman
105   Houston Bayous vs 113   Taipei Typhoons
Week 4
103   Darth Manster vs 76   Defiance Wolverines
91   The Chamber vs 137   Bristol Vixens
94   3rdWorldTurds vs 125   Pullman Cougs
117   Taipei Typhoons vs 175   Bright Black Ninjas
117   Raving Hermits vs 122   Houston Bayous
91   San Diego Anchorman vs 108   Dallas Dez Dynasty
Week 5
137   3rdWorldTurds vs 88   Bristol Vixens
114   Pullman Cougs vs 129   The Chamber
129   Houston Bayous vs 112   San Diego Anchorman
104   Raving Hermits vs 96   Taipei Typhoons
104   Defiance Wolverines vs 91   Dallas Dez Dynasty
* Game of the Week *
141   Bright Black Ninjas vs 73   Darth Manster
Week 6
63   Raving Hermits vs 103   Darth Manster
123   Bristol Vixens vs 147   Bright Black Ninjas
95   San Diego Anchorman vs 114   Taipei Typhoons
93   Houston Bayous vs 116   Dallas Dez Dynasty
146   Pullman Cougs vs 109   Defiance Wolverines
128   The Chamber vs 133   3rdWorldTurds
Week 7
82   Defiance Wolverines vs 148   Bright Black Ninjas
90   Darth Manster vs 74   San Diego Anchorman
130   Pullman Cougs vs 110   Raving Hermits
127   Bristol Vixens vs 121   Dallas Dez Dynasty
95   Houston Bayous vs 115   3rdWorldTurds
140   Taipei Typhoons vs 120   The Chamber
Week 8
100   3rdWorldTurds vs 143   Darth Manster
129   Bright Black Ninjas vs 88   San Diego Anchorman
149   The Chamber vs 120   Houston Bayous
130   Raving Hermits vs 106   Dallas Dez Dynasty
138   Taipei Typhoons vs 155   Defiance Wolverines
116   Pullman Cougs vs 132   Bristol Vixens

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