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 Midgard 2014
 Next Free Agency: Wednesday, October 22, 2014 @ 8:00:00 PM
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 Wk 7's WR Scorers
pt name team
37 Thomas Black Ninjas
31 Tate Dez Dynasty
26 Watkins Dez Dynasty
25 White Vixens
25 Baldwin Raving Hermits
24 Cobb Black Ninjas
24 Bryant 3rdWorldTurds
19 Garcon Chamber
18 Nelson Cougs
18 Wright Bayous

 Clipboard holders
pt name team
20 Beckham. Raving Hermits
16 Robinson Vixens
15 Wallace Cougs
14 Welker Manster
13 Jennings Wolverines

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 Midgard Forum
Solson - 10/20/2014 11:59:37 AM
You are acting like these three players will never play again. That is not the case as each of those player are on a week to week status: RB DeAngelo Williams - High Ankle Sprain RB Toby Gerhart - Foot Sprain (He was scheduled return as starter last week, but reinjured the foot in practice last... more>>

3 of your 7 offered players are OUT, Wolverines
Hermit Master - 10/20/2014 5:41:48 AM
they aren't even playing football. those are shitty. there you go.

Mark up the players on this List
Solson - 10/19/2014 1:48:56 PM
Mark up the players on this list as Injured and Shitty: QB 1 Philip Rivers QB 2 Drew Brees QB 3 Matthew Stafford QB 4 Carson Palmer RB 1 Alfred Morris RB 2 Reggie Bush RB 3 Doug Martin RB 4 Mark Ingram RB 5 Lamar Miller RB 6 DeAngelo Williams RB 7 Toby Gerhart RB 8 Roy Helu RB 9 Lorenzo... more>>

You asked me for explanation...
Solson - 10/19/2014 1:31:18 PM
...And I gave it. SO let me ask for one. Why is this trade unfair?

so if i pick a bunch of shitty and injured players
Hermit Master - 10/19/2014 1:24:41 PM
can you and i do a draft in order to set up a trade? that would satisfy the criteria for a balanced trade, right?

Desparation Make strange Bedfellows
Solson - 10/19/2014 1:09:11 PM
When you have 4 VP COMBINED, you need to do something.

Coach Cowher Tomlin - 10/19/2014 12:54:09 PM
That's a lot of research just to make a shitty trade. Good luck guys!

with the trade...
shawnk - 10/19/2014 12:39:54 PM
I like the trade also. iv had to sign 6 to 8 players from free agent market do to injuries. My WR's were well below avg. and Steve's RB were all hurt. thought it was a fair trade to help both of are teams try to be competitive for the rest off the season. WE need to be perfect with 2 victory points the rest... more>>

Solson - 10/19/2014 12:27:27 PM
1. Both of our teams were sucking. 2. He and ranked each of the positions based upon what we both think will happen the rest of the season (assumed the injured players would... more>>

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 Midgard Standings
Overall Division
W L T W L T VP Str ytd pa
Odin Division 
Pullman Cougs420210 9 W1717 654
The Chamber330210 7 L1703 683
Darth Manster240020 3 W1585 677
Heimdall Division 
Bright Black Ninjas420010 9 W4820 677
Houston Bayous330210 7 L1703 733
San Diego Anchorman240110 5 L3666 704
Balder Division 
Taipei Typhoons330020 5 W1648 681
Barneveld Raving Hermits330200 5 L1616 631
Dallas Dez Dynasty330110 4 W1607 603
Thor Division 
Snake Alley 3rdWorldTurds510300 10 W2757 640
Bristol Vixens330120 7 L2689 665
Defiance Wolverines150020 1 L1567 730
 Latest Midgard Trades
 Wolverines and Manster - 10/19/2014
Wolverines trade:
RB Mark Ingram
Manster trade:
RB Doug Martin
 Wolverines and Manster - 10/19/2014
Wolverines trade:
TE Dwayne Allen
RB Doug Martin
K Adam Vinatieri
RB DeAngelo Williams
RB Toby Gerhart
HC Pete Carroll
WR DeSean Jackson
QB Carson Palmer
WR Harry Douglas
Manster trade:
RB Lamar Miller
TE Coby Fleener
RB Alfred Morris
RB Roy Helu
WR Greg Jennings
K Mike Nugent
QB Matthew Stafford
WR Malcom Floyd
HC Marvin Lewis
 Free Survivor Pool I
picking team next pick to win
Raving Hermits not made
Dez Dynasty not made
Bayous Taipei Typhoons
Anchorman San Diego Anchorman
Chamber not made
Black Ninjas Bright Black Ninjas
3rdWorldTurds not made
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 New on the Trading Block
YTD  Player Team
67  WR Calvin Johnson 3rdWorldTurds
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  •  Midgard 2014 Schedule
    Week 4
    94   3rdWorldTurds vs 125   Pullman Cougs
    117   Taipei Typhoons vs 175   Bright Black Ninjas
    117   Raving Hermits vs 122   Houston Bayous
    91   San Diego Anchorman vs 108   Dallas Dez Dynasty
    103   Darth Manster vs 76   Defiance Wolverines
    91   The Chamber vs 137   Bristol Vixens
    Week 5
    129   Houston Bayous vs 112   San Diego Anchorman
    104   Raving Hermits vs 97   Taipei Typhoons
    104   Defiance Wolverines vs 91   Dallas Dez Dynasty
    137   3rdWorldTurds vs 89   Bristol Vixens
    114   Pullman Cougs vs 129   The Chamber
    141   Bright Black Ninjas vs 73   Darth Manster
    Week 6
    63   Raving Hermits vs 103   Darth Manster
    123   Bristol Vixens vs 147   Bright Black Ninjas
    95   San Diego Anchorman vs 114   Taipei Typhoons
    90   Houston Bayous vs 116   Dallas Dez Dynasty
    146   Pullman Cougs vs 109   Defiance Wolverines
    128   The Chamber vs 133   3rdWorldTurds
    Week 7
    70   Defiance Wolverines vs 121   Bright Black Ninjas
    90   Darth Manster vs 74   San Diego Anchorman
    106   Pullman Cougs vs 110   Raving Hermits
    95   Bristol Vixens vs 114   Dallas Dez Dynasty
    95   Houston Bayous vs 110   3rdWorldTurds
    * Game of the Week *
    140   Taipei Typhoons vs 120   The Chamber

    View Week 7 Gamecenter

    Week 8
      3rdWorldTurds vs   Darth Manster
      Bright Black Ninjas vs   San Diego Anchorman
      The Chamber vs   Houston Bayous
      Raving Hermits vs   Dallas Dez Dynasty
      Taipei Typhoons vs   Defiance Wolverines
      Pullman Cougs vs   Bristol Vixens
    Week 9
      Bright Black Ninjas vs   The Chamber
      Houston Bayous vs   Darth Manster
      Dallas Dez Dynasty vs   Pullman Cougs
      Defiance Wolverines vs   San Diego Anchorman
      3rdWorldTurds vs   Raving Hermits
      Bristol Vixens vs   Taipei Typhoons
    Week 10
      Dallas Dez Dynasty vs   The Chamber
      Pullman Cougs vs   San Diego Anchorman
      Darth Manster vs   Taipei Typhoons
      Houston Bayous vs   Defiance Wolverines
      Raving Hermits vs   Bristol Vixens
      Bright Black Ninjas vs   3rdWorldTurds

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